Stars support Sergey Lazarev after Eurovision

Звезды поддерживают Сергея Лазарева после «Евровидения» The final of the song contest has developed for the dramatic singer. Colleagues of Sergey Lazarev on the scene believe that he was objectively the best, having managed to win in the audience voting. “The love of the audience is much more important, because you’re an artist!”, asked by his ex-girlfriend, TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva.

      Звезды поддерживают Сергея Лазарева после «Евровидения»

      May 15, late at night Moscow time in the Swedish capital Stockholm ended the prestigious song contest “Eurovision 2016”, the final of which was very dramatic for participants representing our country.

      Sergey Lazarev took third place at the contest “Eurovision 2016”

      The bookies, who among the favorites of the musical competition Sergey Lazarev and singer Demi Them, representing Australia, is not considered a caveat. This time on “Eurovision”, was an innovation associated with the vote. First, echoed the assessment of the professional jury, and then the simple viewers who voted heart. And then the ratings were aggregated. The professional jury gave the first place contestant from Australia, Sergey Lazarev got only the fifth place. However, everything changed when they began to announce the results of the audience voting. In the course of it several times the camera closeup showed Sergey Lazarev and support him in the contest of Philip Kirkorov. It shows how great the voltage. In the end, after summing the votes of the audience and the jury, in the first place was the Ukraine, followed by Australia, the third – Russia and Sergei Lazarev, who gave the viewers the maximum number of votes, allowing from fifth place to climb to third and to be among the strongest.

      Counting on victory, Sergey Lazarev could not hide his disappointment. However, the powerful support he received and continues to receive from his colleagues in show business and their loyal fans, more than compensates for the “bronze” song contest.

      Звезды поддерживают Сергея Лазарева после «Евровидения»

      “I think that everybody more or less sane people it is clear that the results of the audience voting won Sergey Lazarev, and all the rest is pure politics! No more! Serge – you are really the best and number one! The love of the audience is much more important, because you’re an artist! Bravo!”, – wrote in the microblog ex-lover Sergey Lazarev TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva.

      “It turns out that demi Lovato people’s winner of “Eurovision”, he won the audience voting. Always remember that winners are not judged”, is the opinion of singer Vlad Sokolovsky.

      To keep his word about the hot photo shoot featuring Sergey Lazarev promised and the soloist of the group Serebro Olga Shirabakina. Singer also thinks of the singer as a winner. “By the way, in 2007 we were also in third place. And I think that’s a great result. I know better than anyone how difficult it is. We are proud of you! And in a sign that still consider you a winner on your return will do promised to the winner (namely, so you are for the whole of Russia) joint hot photo shoot”, – has confirmed its intention Olga Seryabkina.

      Звезды поддерживают Сергея Лазарева после «Евровидения»

      “Serge Viewtiful! – not holding back emotions singer Cornelia Mango. – It is a pity that politics affects music! Show as Serega did not see it my number one. Well done.” “The audience was not mistaken. Still. Always believed in people more than the “experts” and political “musicians” – supported Sergey Lazarev Stas Peha. “Sergey Lazarev, You’re the Best. The audience listens to the heart and is never wrong,” wrote in microblogging Denis Klyaver.

      “I am proud of the whole country, Serge, well done. Great performance, endurance, diligence, perseverance and discipline!”, – admired colleague in show business Egor creed.

      Звезды поддерживают Сергея Лазарева после «Евровидения»

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