Stars save a disabled girl who had helped Zhanna Friske

Звезды спасают тяжелобольную девочку, которой помогала Жанна Фриске Celebrity together with “StarHit” having an auction and sell personal items to help struggling with brain cancer Natasha Dolmatova.

      Звезды спасают тяжелобольную девочку, которой помогала Жанна Фриске

      About difficult destiny of 11-year-old Permyatski Natalia Dolmatova the country learned last winter – girl was among the children who “Respond” allocated part of the funds collected for treatment Janna Friske. The money Natasha almost a year of restored health in Germany, went through several painful operations. Today she is undergoing another course of chemotherapy.

      The girl who saved Zhanna Friske, urgently need treatment

      But, the situation darkens the financial condition of the family of little Natasha: her parents must return to the clinic more than €30 thousand – Irina and Dmitri have been forced to seek medical treatment in debt. “I don’t know how we are going to pay… But maybe recovery will require more funds. We are simple people, living on the salary of her husband, to work I can’t spend all my time with Natasha,” says the girl’s mother.

      “StarHit” has already published the call Dolmatovich help, and thanks to the readers was collected about 150 thousand rubles. Today to protect the girls also stand up and celebrities together with the charity Fund “Addresses of charity” and the Russian crowdfunding platform starting the auction.


      Звезды спасают тяжелобольную девочку, которой помогала Жанна Фриске

      One of the first to help the brave girl volunteered actor and TV presenter Dmitry Nagiyev and singer Grigory Leps. For the health of Natasha star have decided to part with cherished personal belongings – sunglasses, in which they used to see in public. Starting price of lots from Nagiyev Leps – 10 thousand rubles.

      Also willing to donate items of their own wardrobe himself pop pop king Philip Kirkorov. Could not get past the troubles of Natasha leading home electroni of the country “the House-2” Ksenia Borodina. For 5 thousand rubles , any bidder can become the owner of a suit from a fashionable celebrity.

      Звезды спасают тяжелобольную девочку, которой помогала Жанна Фриске

      Beautiful half participating in the auction, the lot will delight from Christina Aguilera is a personal accessory of the singer, in which she repeatedly appeared on the stage. Fans to feast on the sweet will attract a set of cupcakes out of the hands of the singer Sergey Zhukov bakery Cupcake Story. Fans of the program, Jeanne, poieni!” will interest a lot of its leading Zhanna Badoeva – shirts autographed by celebrities. Warm up will help favorite scarf from Irina Tonewall from the group “Factory” and a neck handkerchief from Lyubov Uspenskaya, and to show off at the party dress from the designer star by Anastasia Zadorina.

      “God forbid, Natasha and her parents strength to pass all the tests!” says Love assumption. Also on the website Planeta.EN everyone will be able to purchase tickets for the concert and groups “My Michelle”. It is noteworthy that the cost of selling at auction below market invitations. Theatergoers will be pleased to pass in the moon Theatre, “School of modern drama” to the show with the participation of Tatyana Vedeneyeva and tickets to the theater “Atelier” from actress Maria Kulikova. The stars hope that will help the family of Natasha to cope with the disaster. “StarHit” encourages readers to participate in the drawing of lots – perhaps your contribution will save a child.

      Звезды спасают тяжелобольную девочку, которой помогала Жанна Фриске

      Also, anyone can help a seriously ill girl, sending funds to her personal account.


      card number 4276849028833258

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      Dolmatova Irina Ivanovna Branch of OJSC “Sberbank of Russia” West-Ural Bank

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