Stars outraged by the scandal with Lolita

Звезды возмущены скандалом с Лолитой Милявской The actress that eve was taken off the train on their way to Kiev, supported by well-known figures of show business. To the situation, which turned out to Lolita, could not remain indifferent Maxim Fadeev, Sergey Lazarev, Natasha Koroleva, Barbara and many others.
Звезды возмущены скандалом с Лолитой Милявской

Before it became known that the singer lolita banned entry to the territory of Ukraine for the period of three years. The singer found out about it at the time, when going to Kiev. A star was taken off the train at four o’clock in the morning. After meeting with the border guards, the actress was forced to return back to Moscow.

Lolita is not allowed to sick daughter

Lolita genuinely outraged events. The celebrity was carrying gifts and medicines for daughters of eve who got sick. In addition, the artist thought to transmit the mother Alla Dmitrievna medications to her in age. During the conversation with the correspondent the singer said that her family was upset after learning about the failed trip. She also noted that it plans to challenge in court the denial of the right to visit Ukraine.

The situation, which turned out to Lolita caused a storm of emotions among the public. Fans of the actress began to advise her to stay. Many colleagues of the singer, too, could not remain indifferent. Their comments supported the singer Irina Saltykov, Sergey Lazarev and designer Galiya Akhmatova.

Among those who expressed their agreement with the opinion of Lolita Milavskaya, has also been found Natasha Koroleva, which had earlier denied entry to the territory of Ukraine for a period of three years. She noted that at different times in the black list of the country were many figures of art and culture, as well as representatives of show business.

“Lola, we are with you! And mind you, the company we have a decent…” – said Natasha Koroleva in his microblog.

In addition, in defense of the singer said the producer Maxim Fadeev. “I’m just in shock… Lola, hang in there. All will be well. You’ll see,” – with these words he turned to the artist.

Events with Lolita, touched the singer Barbara. The actress couldn’t stay away from the fact that her colleague can’t see with my daughter.

“What is happening! To separate mother and child! No words, I want to shout! God will judge them!” – told the barbarian.

We also add that in the official account of the SBU in the “Twitter” appeared racy picture of singer with a wish of good luck. After some time, Lolita commented resonated publication. The actress with humor reacted to the provocative snapshot. “One problem, and it drew attention to my husband: “It’s not your chest!” – said Palladium in social networks.