Stars on the spring party World Fashion Channel

Звезды на весенней вечеринке World Fashion Channel

As you know, spring is the most favourable time for any, even the most daring experiments. This reviving nature, positive emotions, new impressions and, of course, a romantic mood! WorldFashion TV channel invited friends and partners at the annual cocktail party SpringParty together to welcome spring!

To recognize the most romantic time of year has arrived: actor Michael Bashkatov and his wife, singer Ilya Zudin, Ekaterina Odintsova, singer Elena Knyazeva, Gabriela, Masha and Arina Kazakova Ritts (team NAOMI ), actress Ekaterina Malikova, Glafira Tarhanova, designers Antonina Shapovalova, Victoria Smolyanitsky, Bella Potemkina, psychic Nicole Kuznetsova, TV presenter Irina Jovovich, Dimitri Semakov, Victoria Jakubowski, stylist Alexander Belov and many others.

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Guests enjoyed signature dishes of Siberia, enjoyed the author’s desserts from Karina Alekhine and simply got distracted from the everyday hustle and bustle with a glass of wine. And most importantly-met with current fashion trends of this year: the screenings were presented the spring-summer collections of designers of the Russian seven – LAROOM, STEPANETS, VENERA, 8 O CLOCKDESIGN, ElmiraMarkes, UONA, Rycha’sAngel.

The festive mood was supported by music groups 7Hills and Naomi, Elijah Zudina, Gabriella and Elena Kniazeva.

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