Stars of the series “Salsa” staged a flash mob at the Mall

Звезды сериала «Сальса» устроили флешмоб в торговом центре Alena Babenko, Diane Estrada and Anton Lavrentyev has surprised residents of the capital. They decided to dance in one of the malls in Moscow. The artists admitted that they liked this experience.

3 January 2018, the First channel starts the series “Salsa”. According to the scenario of a lonely girl who works in a Bank, meets a dancer. This acquaintance literally turns her life. She leaves her familiar world, routine work and immersed in the exotic world of salsa.

Before the premiere, the actors who took part in the filming of the movie, decided to organize a flash mob in one of the shopping centers of the capital. Alena Babenko has shared the impressions she got during a speech before the audience.

“I missed you, a lot of time has passed since filming, and when I was invited to participate in the flash mob, I’m happy immediately ran. When I saw the footage of our film, shot in the Dominican Republic on the island of Margarita, I felt what salsa sensual dance! The most difficult thing to get a feel for how your body should move, interacting with another person. In the “Salsa” was filmed more than 50 dancers from Moscow, Cuba, the Dominican Republic. In dance we see the relationship between men and women, and with such ease of movement, and on the other hand, the fear to open my heart,” said the artist.

Member of the project “Voice-6” Anton Lavrentiev was also involved in the filming, and therefore refused to take part in the flashmob. “Salsa is much, there are so many things, there are UPS and downs, – says the artist. – It’s salsa – dance, which involves all aspects of life!”

One of the key roles in the project was played by the Cuban Diana Estrada, who moved to Russia seven years ago. She participated in the project “Dance!” on the Ground, and then invited her to star in a movie.

“For me it was a shock, it seemed to me that it is impossible to learn the Russian language, and I thought I had to give up. On the screen, everything looks easy – come, said the replica was gone. But when you’re in the process, it’s a big job, psychologically difficult, all you need to live, everything is very hard, – says the artist. – In fact, the life of the heroine is very similar to mine. She, like me, came to Russia, as well as I am going through the frost. Jackets I already gave in Magnitogorsk”.