Звезд «Гарри Поттера» заподозрили в романе

31-year-old British actor Tom Felton and actress Emma Watson, who plays in the “Harry Potter” roles of Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy, suspected in the novel.

The reason for the rumors of the joint actors which Felton has published on his page in Instagram. In this picture Tom and Emma captured while playing the guitar. However, the actors are in a pretty family atmosphere. Particularly attentive users noted the fact that in the picture the girl is wearing at home in the striped pyjamas.

In the caption to the photo That’s seen fit to praise the efforts of Emma and noted that she learns very quickly.

“Quick learner,” said Tom Felton, who, apparently, acted as a teacher.

Subscribers immediately suspected actors in a romantic relationship and began to speculate on what Emma and Tom share much more than just classes (and really, a reason the actress was in her pajamas).

As expected, the made a lot of hype in the Network, especially on the fan pages of “Harry Potter”. Celebrity also did not respond to the enthusiasm and questions from fans.

Fans admitted that for 15 years waiting for that celebrities will begin to meet. The most passionate of them immediately came up with the name for the couple — “Dramione” (a combination of the names Draco and Hermione). Interestingly, ever since the release of “Harry Potter” has seen a lot of fan fiction and alternative histories, where Draco and Hermione are not enemies, like in books and movies, and love each other.

Note that now the Emma stone 30 years, and Tom Felton – 31. Previously they had rarely appeared in a joint photo, and if there were exceptions then it is connected with the work. Although, once Emma admitted that at the age of 10-12 years was in love with Tom. Last year, the actress broke up with her boyfriend actor Ply Overstreet, known for his role as Sam Evans in TV series “glee”.

Recall, recently it became known that the jewelry house “Pandora” will release a collection of jewelry inspired by Harry Potter.

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