Звезды КВН требуют наказать пьяного водителя, сбившего насмерть жену коллеги Showmen decided to support a colleague whose wife was run over by a jeep on holiday in Tuapse. At the end of June at the resort there was a terrible accident under the wheels of a local businessman killed wife Yegor been booked. It was a hit at the crosswalk right in front of her daughter.
Звезды КВН требуют наказать пьяного водителя, сбившего насмерть жену коллеги

The wife of comedian Yegor been booked Maria died at the scene from his injuries during a holiday in Tuapse at the end of June. The tragedy occurred in front of one and half year old daughter stars of KVN, baby at the time of the accident was in the hands of the father. According to eyewitnesses, the heartbroken team player “Irkutsk–350” attacked with fists on the culprit, a successful local businessman Sergei Lebedev.

Egor fears that the killer spouse leave law, so the artist has published in a social network post with a request to disseminate the information about Lebedev. Yekaterina Varnava, Marina Fedunkiv, Olga Bartunkova, Ivan Abramov, and many other stars of KVN was supported by a heartbroken colleague, writing in the Instagram details a fatal accident in which been booked lost beloved.

“The family of our colleague Yegor been booked in Tuapse, on June 25 of this year, were overtaken by misfortune. Under the wheels of a jeep of a local businessman killed his wife. It was a hit at the crosswalk right in front of him and his eight month old daughter. Mass of witnesses, including Yegor, I saw that the driver was drunk. But the results of examinations admitted that he was sober. It is likely that he will ever take responsibility or punishment will be minimal,” wrote Katya Varnava.

About the identity Lebedev is little known. According to local residents, Sergey Lebedev regularly violated the rules of the road. In Tuapse the businessman does not have the best reputation, but he always managed to avoid responsibility. For example, the day of the tragedy with his wife, stars of KVN the businessman allegedly went for treatment in the neurological Department of the clinic.

The accident witnesses said, when Yegor been booked realized that wife died, he attacked the driver with his fists, and passers-by and even urged him to kill the businessman.

“My Masha is no more… on June 25, she was gone. On a pedestrian crossing in Tuapse, in my eyes, she was hit by a car. I don’t believe this is really happening. With my daughter all right, she was in my arms. Take care of your family, appreciate every second. It could end at any moment,” wrote Yegor a few days after the tragedy.

Been booked a long time worked with the “Club of Cheerful and Resourceful”, wrote the lyrics and participated as part of your favorite team “Irkutsk–350”. Egor married Mary in 2014 on the personal page of comedian a lot of photos with his late wife. The last few months, Egor with his wife and daughter lived in Moscow, where he moved from Irkutsk.