Stars in crisis: what sacrifices are Leps, Aguilera and Rotaru for corporate events

Звезды в кризисе: на какие жертвы идут Лепс, Орбакайте и Ротару ради корпоративов In difficult times artists are reviewing fees and adjusted to the conditions of customers. “StarHit” to find out what and what money is ready to go celebrity for the sake of performing at the new year holiday.

      Звезды в кризисе: на какие жертвы идут Лепс, Орбакайте и Ротару ради корпоративов

      Last months of the year – stars hot time earnings. “Hurry! The top artists charts are painted for some years forward!” – afraid of a major event-Agency. However, the situation this year has been disappointing – the demand for performances fell. “StarHit” know who are still in demand, and who have long departed from “a Christmas cage.”

      The maximum program

      Even the mentor show “the Voice” Grigory Leps, is still a welcome guest of the holidays, we have to make concessions in order to stay afloat.

      “This season for a fee of 100 thousand euros Leps ready to work as one branch in 40 minutes, and two or more hours, – told the “StarHit” Evgeny Morozov, the General Director of Agency “RU-Concert”. Because orders and he became less. He is respectful to customers, but if they want to Grisha sang the same song twice – asks to agree in advance.”

      According to representatives of concert agencies, when Gregory was not tired, in good spirits, for the same fee he could congratulate the staff, speak some text in the script, or to make a toast from the stage. Familiarity does not like, though, and looks the part with shirt-guy: security is always clearly controls so that guests do not climb to him on stage, not snatched the microphone. All music appliances should be thoroughly checked – happened, Gregory threw the microphone is broken, and interrupted speech. According to the forecast of the representative of the “RU-Concert”, the Leps will be a minimum of 15 performances in December. New year’s eve he will hold in the Banquet hall of the Golden Palace in Moscow. Will help mentor on the show “the Voice” of his client Alexander Panayotov.

      “Fee Sasha in past years was 7.10 thousand euros, but after participating in a vocal project has increased to 15,” said the “StarHit” in event-Agency.

      A crowd favorite, ready for the guests if not all, then almost all long is Nikolay Baskov. “Nick is a successful person, he understands the realities of the market, – says Evgeny Morozov. In contrast to his colleagues though he is a top artist, but not fenced off by a barrier from the public. And dance with the guests, and sit down at the table, and in competitions will take part, and a glass of champagne losing my mind – to give people a holiday”.

      As a presenter and singer in one package Baskov can be ordered for 30 euros. He lowered the price compared to last year – then his fee was 50 thousand.

      Sofia Rotaru works with the audience not worse. “For 50 thousand euros in December she dances with the guests drives under the “Hutoryanka”, and even the white dance are ready to be able to invite the employee to her pre-specify – said the “StarHit” concert Director Rotaru Sergei Lavrov. To speak in the dress colors of the company – is not a problem. But will have to pay a designer who sews for her all the dresses, – Vladimir Mid: he would develop a style and write it symbols that will cost about 1000 euros.”

      Звезды в кризисе: на какие жертвы идут Лепс, Орбакайте и Ротару ради корпоративов

      This year Sofia Mikhailovna refuses corporate parties. “She will have at least three exits – in “President-Hotel”, “the Ritz” and “Safisa”, – says Evgeny Morozov.

      The new year night with Sofia Mikhailovna usually spends with his family. But this year, most likely, will. According to the representative of the actress, there is a proposal from Kazakhstan, discusses the fee in 100 thousand euros. But if you have the option to Moscow, then I will prefer it even for less money. However, the customer will have to pay and drive her team is 16-20 people, and the money – 12 thousand Euro.

      Christina Aguilera resolves to go with her to the stage only to children – after the precedent that happened many years ago: a star was attacked by a drunken guest.

      “Ryder Christina is quite simple. Only recently someone wondered why one of the points of – “wicker basket and a bouquet of daisies”. It’s props for one of the songs – said, “StarHit” the Agency Disco Star. – With regard to additional options – Aguilera can let some of the guests to sing along with her, but in a separate microphone and if agreed in advance. For her important technical rider – rental of equipment necessary to lay a minimum of 300 thousand rubles.”

      Usually the singer welcomed the New year at home, but willing to consider options for performances. “Once she’s had for 40 a month, and this year 5-6 40-50 thousand euros each”, – said the Director of “RU-Concert”.

      Alsou, who recently became a mother for the third time this year, refused to speak at all new year parties. “Her output is 50 thousand Euro, – have informed “StarHit” the Agency Disco Star. – However, the whole month of December she and her family are not in Russia and to fly for any money refuses. Alsu – a wealthy girl, she acts only on activities that she likes”.


      Artists try not to talk about it, but with corporate events for the last couple of years is getting worse. “The situation is terrible, – says Evgeny Morozov. – In General I can say that the company is “RU-Concert” is forced to admit defeat. I say this with my head held high. Because the rest of the event-Agency in General has died. Of course, we continue to do activities, but what level. To eat, drink and show for 200 people and a budget of 5 million rubles. What stars can we talk? Enough is that participants “Voices,” which, in principle, no need for free, “Hands Up!”, Soso Pavliashvili or Tatyana Bulanov. All are on 10 thousand Euro”.

      Causes Morozov sees in the mass closure of banks that played key customers, and… the fight against corruption in the country. “Corporate was originally created as a way to demonstrate the level of income, – says Eugene. Officials zashugannyh, once again Shine pocket will not. Only one “Vneshprombank”, deceased this year, spent about 50 parties, including in the regions. Because of the unexpected – breakthrough for the group “ia”. Guys are asking for 35-40 thousand euros for the exit, which kabukiran 15, not less”.

      Afloat continues to Yuri Antonov for 100 thousand euros per night, Valery Meladze, “VIA Gra”, Leonid Agutin. Leading often invite Ivan Urgant and Maxim Galkin, whose price tag is 40-50 thousand euros.

      “Offered once Dmitry Shepelev to the customer in connection with its sensational situation, but he, along with his 15 thousand Euro is only a rejection, says Evgeny Morozov. – No one needs artists of Italian music, which enjoyed a frenzied popularity a year ago. Called earlier and Dmitri Hvorostovsky, and Anna Netrebko is expensive exclusive product for 100– 150 thousand euros, emphasizing the status of the customer. But now the show-off is useless. I’m sure in a year the stars will cost twice cheaper. Lafayette is over!”