Stars “House-2” Kucherov and Efremenkova broke up before the wedding

Звезды «Дома-2» Кучеров и Ефременкова расстались перед свадьбой Discussing the quarrel between young people. Recently Efremenkova Yulia and Sergey Kucherov showed others the idyll in the relationships and preparing for the marriage ceremony. It seemed that the couple finally stopped the fight.
Звезды «Дома-2» Кучеров и Ефременкова расстались перед свадьбой

The star of “House-2” Julia Efremenkova broke up with her lover Sergei Kucherawy. In April she received a proposal of marriage. Sergey surprised Yulia romantic gesture. The guy specifically went to the Seychelles to hand the ring to his beloved. It seemed that the pair finally settled all differences which had ever arisen between them. Efremenkova and Kucherov have repeatedly quarrel, but each time was together again.

Sergey spoke about the breakup on social networks. He chose not to go into details and turned off comments to the post, in which he told about his personal life.

“Yeah, we broke up, why? I want to answer that did not agree in political views, but it is, unfortunately, not so. Ill say no more, this life, today, “I love you”, and tomorrow strangers to each other people. Yes, made an offer, and when he got down on one knee, thought only of the good. But that’s how it is. I will not say more! I’ll call mom, say, “I’m Sorry, but this time to grandchildren will not come,” – said Kucherov.
Звезды «Дома-2» Кучеров и Ефременкова расстались перед свадьбой

In turn, Yulia Efremenkova, which is now in the Seychelles, said that is not configured to survive. “But time will put everything in its place!Only forward, not looking back!.. The End,” said the girl in social networks.

Such a sharp attitude to Julia was surprised by its subscribers. Some of them remembered the story of the other stars of telestroke – Alena’s Asmarinos and Ilya Grigorenko. Recently, the young people parted in anticipation of the appearance of a common child. After a time, Alena felt unwell, and was forced to go to the hospital. Ilya visited his beloved in a medical facility, and she thanked him for his support. “Forgive me for my actions, sometimes I just can’t help it, but I will try. We have so many you have already experienced that it is all nonsense” – shared ashmarina.

Fans of Efremenkova and Kucherov can’t believe they finally parted. Many believe that they still can come together. “But what about the proposal, wedding is it?” “Are you serious? How to understand this?”, “I’m sorry”, “don’t miss each other, if much like. We need to fight for your happiness, the more you get. Leave aside the pride, go to reconciliation”, “How many times have you had The end”, commented on the Network.