Stars “House-2” have shared their blood

Звезды «Дома-2» поделились своей кровью
The members of the famous electroni become donors.

Olga Rapunzel

Photo: press service

In world blood donor day, the participants of the TV project “Dom-2” on TNT
once again give blood. Voluntary non-remunerated donation has become a good
a tradition for the participants of the show, which this year joined vital
reserves of the country almost two thousand milliliters.

This time to pass
blood went Olya Rapunzel, Dima Dmitrenko, Anya Coccygeal and Ales Kudryashov.
Arriving in one of the Moscow centers to donate blood, participants telestroke
noticeably nervous, because the donors they had become for the first time. After talking with
physicians, fears and concerns are gone, and the blood was delivered.

was very nervous and afraid, but Dima like a real man went to take the blood
the first, reassured me, — said Olga Rapunzel. Now I
I want to say to everyone: donate blood and help people!”

“I am very glad that you donated. It might actually save someone’s life!
And most importantly, it doesn’t hurt, not bad, not difficult,” — said Dmytro Dmytrenko.

Participants “Houses-2”
participate in donation activities for 7 years, adding to the overall framework of donor blood
approximately 135 liters.