Звезды «Дома-2» Ашмарина и Григоренко узнали пол будущего ребенка Ex-member of the TV show did an ultrasound. Alena ashmarina is in the hospital. A pregnant woman is unwell and carry heavy toxicity. Fortunately, Ilya Grigorenko again beside her and support the mother of your future baby.

Alena ashmarina is expecting her second child. Ailments during her morning sickness was admitted to the hospital. A young woman tells fans about his health. As recognized Alena, she is experiencing a serious toxicity.

“The first pregnancy I didn’t know what it is. But second, I experienced this in full force. I couldn’t really work, always wanted to sleep, I was sick, but didn’t tear. I went pale, tired, but very happy. Of course, well not work in first trimester, to be lying on the couch. Yes, oddly enough, my appetite is not as affected, on the contrary, I already ate for two. And gained more than Siusa. Imagine how I was in the room and spend all their Goodies” – shared Alena.

During one of the latest surveys, ex-member of telestroke found out the sex of the baby.

“I really hope that I’ll go home tomorrow. I madly missed by your loved ones. At the ultrasound I was told that, most likely, we will have a girl” – shared ashmarina.

Alena feels strongly that she would have to do other duties at work: development and management, as it is difficult to spend a lot of time on their feet. However, she sees pluses in this. “Very happy that I will spend more time with your family!” – shared the star in the microblog.

Fans wish Alena and her future baby health. They are happy that they have a couple of “House-2” will be another girl.

Fortunately, Grigorenko and Asmarinos managed to settle disputable issues arising between them. Ilya came to her in the hospital and decided the conflict. It was from him she received the support that was expected. “We have so many you have already experienced that it’s nothing. Real love will take, she knows neither age nor boundaries. She can do anything. The main thing that I have is you, my favorite. Wants to get better and to see you all! Take care of your health! Protect your loved ones!” – said young woman.