Звезды «Дома-2» снялись в психологическом триллере Painting “Mom is always there” has impressed fans of the reality show. The main role of the inadequate woman with a gun was performed by Alexander Kharitonov. The picture was shown on the TNT channel the night before. Members Sasha leave rave reviews on her page on the social network.

      The TV channel TNT revealed the new psychological Thriller featuring the girls from “House-2” Alexandra Kharitonova and Sasha Goias. The plot of the film the main character is a mother who avenges her daughter. On the way she kills two people. Her role is ably performed by Kharitonov. The picture is called “Mom is always there” was very difficult and emotionally tense.

      The character Sasha is looking for his daughter. She thinks that the girl broke dog. The geosearch phone mother determines where the last had a daughter. The woman is going to understand what happened to her girl. The short film begins with the fact that Kharitonov is killing a certain man implicated in the disappearance of the child. His role was played by the actor Denis Shvedov.

      The spectators, looked a picture, was surprised by the talent of Sasha. Many noted that for the first acting of the girl was very good. “I’m impressed, and oddly enough, it was positive”, “the Film is very interesting and heavy, looked to be another film with Kharitonova”, “It was really cool, not for one second did not come off” “You look cool on the screen, It’s a masterpiece. Umnichka. Want to see you on the screens again and again,” wrote the followers Kharitonova.

      The film also starred the young actress angelina Strechin, who played pohititelnitsa children, and in the episodes there were some guys from “House-2”: Konstantin Ivanov, Valery Responsibility, nanny Abramson, Catherine Kaufman, Dmitri Dmitrienko, Dmitry Lukin, Alexander Weiss. Kharitonov thanked for the support of all their fans.

      “So much support and words of praise, breathtaking! There is no physical opportunity to respond privately and decided to write. Thank you for your kindness, for your kind words, reviews and most importantly, found time to write to me. Yesterday was a day I never felt your strong “shoulders” on which to rely. I was afraid of was the unknown, but your comments have dispelled all doubts. I want to believe that this is only the beginning of my acting journey,” said Sasha.

      Sasha Gosias appears in the role of saleswoman in a women’s store. The girl manages to catch the thief who had planned to make a bag, several sets of underwear. According to fans of the TV show, both Sasha was forced to look at ourselves from a totally different angle.