Stars gathered on the anniversary in the theater. Vakhtangov

Звезды собрались на юбилее в театре им. Вахтангова
Famous actors congratulated with a round date producer Leonid Roberman.

Звезды собрались на юбилее в театре им. Вахтангова

Olga Ostroumova

Photo: Maxim Popov

Звезды собрались на юбилее в театре им. Вахтангова

Sergei Yursky

Photo: Maxim Popov

In the theater. Vakhtangov held on the Anniversary evening of the International
theatrical Agency Leonid Roberman “Art Partner XXI”. Gathered on stage
stars of the theatre and congratulated the founder on the 20th anniversary of the Agency.

Leading the evening was the Leonid Roberman presented in an unusual way.
Makovetsky even joked: “I was amazed this evening Leonid Semenovich, I even
he could not think that it so much character, on tour it all the time
silent, and seems to have broken through…”

Guests were able to see on stage great actors and to hear their sincere words
congratulations. Dina Korzun decided to thank longtime friend, showing on the stage
solo performance of “the Star boy” after the fairy tale by Oscar Wilde, who invented
together with the Director and pianist.

Throughout the evening each speaker “sparks” on the stage, the atmosphere
in the audience was light and fun.

Valentin Gaft wrote a Limerick:

“What’s he doing in the fog? Says Mani Mani.
There is talent Roberman to make money out of the fog!”

Звезды собрались на юбилее в театре им. Вахтангова

Valentin Gaft

Photo: Maxim Popov

Olga Ostroumova read the prose of Marina Tsvetaeva, “My Pushkin”. “I work with
Olga Ostroumova and I can’t call her an actress in the usual sense
words, she turns his life into theatre. When she reads Tsvetaeva, I
something inside is compressed” — said Leonid Semenovich.

Alexey Maklakov went on stage with the intention to cheer up the room. “This
shirt the first thing I had to wear before going on stage. I went around 7 theatres
in search of a tuxedo, alas, do not grow thin”, — joked the artist. Enjoy
the audience was to hear his performance of the song Adriano Celentano “Ma Perke”.

Nonna Grishaeva was surprised by Leonid Semenovich showed two scenes from the new
the play “the Last ray of the rainbow”, which he saw for the first time. Nonna
plays Judy garland, mother of Liza Minnelli.

Sergei Makovetsky

Photo: Maxim Popov

In the evening, there were unique scenes and photos of those already
disappeared from the scene. “I’m a happy man! I worked with such great actors as
Lyubov Polishchuk, Nikolai Volkov, Natalia Gundareva,” said Roberman.

The real surprise was the auction of books GAFTA signed by all
actors who appeared on the scene. 220 thousand rubles, the proceeds for the book,
went to the Fund Dina Korzun and Chulpan Khamatova “give life”.