Звезды жертвуют миллионы семьям, пострадавшим при пожаре в Кемерово Celebrities could not remain indifferent to the tragedy shook the entire country. They send their money to help the residents of Kemerovo. Some publicly talk about their actions and give voice to the size of donations, while others prefer not to publicize this information.
Звезды жертвуют миллионы семьям, пострадавшим при пожаре в Кемерово

On March 28, Vladimir Putin announced a day of mourning for the victims of the fire in the shopping centre, “Winter cherry” in Kemerovo. The tragedy that occurred on March 25, has touched the hearts of millions of Russians. Yesterday across the country held a rally in memory of the victims. Today TV channels have made changes in the broadcasting network, having refused from showing entertainment programs. Stars mass transfer concerts on other dates, as well as disseminate information about fundraising, which will go to help the families of the victims and the victims.

According to some, during the day, the people transferred to charities tens of millions of rubles, and this figure is constantly growing. Fundraising is very active, most of the donors are ordinary people, but the action was attended by legal entity. According to the information service of ChronoPay, transactions are committed every few minutes, and its pace is not reduced.

Celebrity is also not remained indifferent to the incident. Stars help families of victims of a fire at the Mall, some secretly and others say about his actions, wanting to motivate the fans.

Tragedy in Kemerovo: heroes who saved children from fire

Звезды жертвуют миллионы семьям, пострадавшим при пожаре в Кемерово

Yesterday, 11-year-old Sergei Moskalenko came out of the coma. The boy lost in the fire parents and little sister. Child saved by father, son witakowski out the window. Soon it will be moved from ICU to the surgical Department. Philip was so touched by the story of Jacob, that he promised to provide them financial assistance. During the meeting with journalists the actor refused to comment on his action. Assistants Kirkorov already made contact with relatives Moskalenko. Apparently, the singer found close Serezha through the social networks.

“Kemerovo… Terrible grief and a terrible tragedy… Mourn, my sincere condolences, and pray. And I believe that the guilty will be punished! In the photo the family of 11-year-old Seryozha, who was able to escape. His parents and little sister died, and he is now in intensive care in serious condition! Please help me to find relatives! What little I can do for him is help to get out!” – wrote the singer in a tweet two days ago.

Lolita will give his fee for the concert in Perm, which took place on March 26, someone of the relatives of the victims. The singer started the presentation c minutes of silence. “Who, if not Perm, knows what a fire” – with these words, the star addressed the audience (in 2009 in this city there was a fire in club “Lame horse”, which claimed the lives of 156 people). According to concert Director of Lolita, they will find a family that will receive support. Representatives Milavskaya fear of running into a Scam, intensified after the tragedy.

“The tragedy in Kemerovo shocking and terrifying… isn’t words of comfort to the families whose children have already moved to another dimension… the Official cause of the fire yet, but as an adult I can assume that part of the blame is on those who are responsible for fire safety, those who built the building made of combustible materials because it is cheaper… Not going to write more, it makes no sense to have to blame the fact that someone was still…” – wrote Lolita in social networks.

Emin Agalarov refused royalties for performances in five cities and has cancelled a concert planned in Tyumen on March 28. The singer and businessman has transferred money to the Foundation of Muslim Magomayev, which will direct the funds to the Kemerovo office of the humanitarian organization. Thanks to the help of family and friends Agalarov managed to collect 15 million rubles. According to Emin, the process is still ongoing.

“Of course, it’s a drop in the bucket, but I really hope that we will be able to give us something to help all those who suffered in this terrible tragedy! In turn, I want to say that in our shopping centers, we conduct fire drills on a regular basis, and now strengthened all the checks, – said Agalarov. – Unfortunately, fire no one is immune, and our challenge now is to do everything possible to be in time to put out and nobody was hurt.”

Anita Tsoy and her relatives moved to help the victims of one million rubles. “I am proud of my family and say thank you to her,” said the artist. According to the singer, her family “very deeply and personally” took what happened in Kemerovo. After Choi announced his act in social networks, some suspected her desire to attract attention and “self-promotion.” Later, the star explained before fans.

“The current situation around the charity requires publicity. I am convinced that the Kemerovo tragedy left no one indifferent, and each of us certainly wants to help. My family made a choice. But just like everything, we want to guarantee that our assistance will reach the recipient and will not dissolve into the pockets of scammers. Before you send this amount, I hundred times checked this and made a public statement. The payee must understand that the public bears responsibility”, – says celebrity.

In addition, Anita will take part in event aimed at helping families affected by the fire. The singer will perform at the international festival contest “name of Russia” with Olga Kormukhina, scheduled for March 28 at the Congress hall DSTU. Admission to the concert is free, there will be organized a fundraiser, which will list the residents of Kemerovo.

The cast of “Quartet” were shocked by what happened in Kemerovo, and contacted the leader of group “Accident” Alexey Kortnevym. After consulting the artists decided to cancel the March 28 performance of “Letters and songs of men”, referring to the fact that it is not aimed at entertaining the public. “Rather, it is sentimental,” said the representatives of show-business. Your royalties from the performance, they will transfer to help families affected by fire.

Kate Gordon postponed the concert which was to take place 29 March to may, and went to Kemerovo, to personally deliver the money to the relatives of the victims of the tragedy. “In my journey, no politics and no loud statements. There is a desire to answer you questions”, – added the lawyer and the singer. Kate decided to talk with residents about the incident and conduct its own investigation. The results of their activities, the human rights defender is divided Telegram channel.

“400 hundred of the victims, I think delirium. What a bad job the rescue services – a fact that the region was not received and broadcast the correct information up – obviously. Negligence, absence of technical support… With that money on him in the area allocated. You can make a monument to these children and call it “child victims of corruption and negligence,” – says Gordon.

Lena Temnikova was to speak in the Provincial center of sports “Kuzbass” April 3, but because of the tragedy the singer and her team moved the event to October 24. The actress said that the tickets purchased previously will be valid. In addition, they can be returned to the place of purchase. Your entire fee Temnikova will translate into the local branch of the humanitarian organization. “A terrible grief. Some days in our hearts does not subside the pain. A terrible tragedy. Little kids. Innocent people” – shared Lena with fans.

Rapper Oxxxymiron tweeted that transferred money to the account of the Kemerovo branch of the red cross. “Translated, indicating the payment purpose and you suggest” – he wrote in the microblog. In addition, Myron has postponed performances of the ward headed by the Booking Machine company Thomas Mraz in Krasnodar and Rostov. “What happened in Kemerovo – our common tragedy. We (BM) condolences to the victims and consider it inappropriate to hold concerts during the mourning period. (…) We apologize to those who traveled from afar, I hope you will understand. All previously purchased tickets are valid,” shared the artist in social networks, adding email address where to apply for a refund.

One of the performers of the hit song “Pink wine” LJ couldn’t move the premiere of the new album for technical reasons. Sayonara Boy X was released on 27 March, as planned. In the end, the artist has promised to donate part of the proceeds from the sale affected by the fire and their families.

“I decided to postpone the release of the album, but the producing company said that it is technically impossible, the album shipped all over the world and in any case will be opened. So the release is today – wrote in LJ the day before on Instagram. It’s not the best day for the release, and it’s not that the album does not receive enough attention and support in the media, but because in those days, even the brawlers and provocateurs calm, sympathize and try to help. Part of the funds from album sales will go to victims of fire and their families”.