Stars at the premiere of the musical “Tanz der vampire”

Звезды на премьере мюзикла «Бал вампиров»

29 October, on the eve of Halloween, the premiere of the cult musical of Roman Polanski “Tanz der vampire”. Among the stars of the spectators were seen Philip Kirkorov, Anastasia Stotskaya, Vladislav Tretyak, Maksim Dunayevsky, Alena Sviridova and many others.

This evening the Moscow Palace of youth has turned into the mysterious castle of Count von krolock, where the first viewers of black Comedy about vampires is passed through a stylized Gothic gate. The blood-red carpet, lit by torches, decorated with portraits of the vampire dynasty of the lobby created a mystical mood before the start of the performance. At the end of the play the audience gave the actors and Directors deafening ovation: the audience gave a standing ovation.

Surprise for all was the appearance on the stage exactly as in the capital management International VBW, the Austrian company – owner of the international rights to produce a play. Emerged on the scene, the main artistic Director of the company admitted: “Tanz der vampire” is one of the most ambitious and successful productions, which was watched by more than seven and a half million people in 12 countries. I watched the world premiere of this production, and on behalf of the company-owner I can assure you is one of the best!”.

The head of the theater company “Stage entertainment”, producer of the musical Dmitry Bogachev commented on the success of the production: “This Gothic story – for the first time in my practice. The collaboration of two geniuses playing with new colors – the play is more vivid, emotional, a more distinctive and clear to the Russian audience! It all happened at a very right degree, I liked the way people throughout the play responded to the energy that they were sent from the scene. This is such a musical, which requires interaction with the audience. Not all musicals are: there are performances that just want to contemplate, and this requires interaction with the public. Humor Polanski as well as the humor of Tim Burton, very close to our audience, the success of this production, box office receipts show that the popularity of the genre of black Comedy is enormous!”

Performance is put on motives of famous film Roman Polanski’s “Fearless vampire killers” in 1967 — one of the best black comedies in cinema history. A stage version, created by Director in 1997 in Vienna, too, became an immortal classic. In the play sound hits the glam-rock composer Jim Steinman, songwriter Mit lofe, Celine Dion and Bonnie Tyler. One of the main themes of the play is the legendary song Bonnie Tyler Total Eclipse of the Heart (“total Eclipse of the heart”), was awarded the prize “Grammy”.

Come to the premiere of the star has shared impressions:

Stunning musical! Graph – above all praise, and if he had asked me to prom, I would have agreed! – Alain Свиридова1 /15

Irina Khakamada: “Very good! Music, sets, costumes! Earl – beautiful! Despite the fact that this is a fantasy, a fairy tale, it is delivered very human. I think if you move a story on real life, then it is also a lot of vampires and temptations, I want to sin, to break the rules in order to be free. It is a normal call. No wonder Polanski took the first play he was always interested in this topic. A good sense of humor. I especially liked when in the castle the son of Count Herbert met a young man and so he smiled happily. Well, Polanski is Polanski.”

Arkady Ukupnik: “Fantastic! Stunning musical! I love it! A complete merger of the troupe with the material! I loved it! Difficult one to allocate, so everything is together managed. Troupe as if born together with the music, very organic, all sing amazing. Music without words, it’s the best I’ve heard. I even now puzzled, too, want to write a musical, but that’s setting the bar pretty high. A lot of irony, good jokes, sometimes scary – cool!”

Evelina Bledans: “From the very first notes I am in an awesome mood! Maybe vampires and mystical characters don’t exist, but every girl, the girl in the hall, as the heroine of the musical, believes in the mystical incarnation. Actors, costumes, scenery – shivers down my spine from every scene! This performance has it all! Mystery, affection, sensuality – it’s all here, everything you can touch – I want to move there! Who wants to excite, should visit “Tanz der vampire”!”

Mitya Fomin: “I enjoy! I like it! I said to myself flawless voice, count in the performance of Ivan ozhogina – stunning!”

Philip: “Dmitry Bogachev “Stage entertainment” once again brought to Moscow a wonderful setting: the theme, though mystical, but there is a wonderful sense of humor, very beautiful music – it all came together, very festive mood! A stylish, restrained performance – with humor, with irony, everything is great! I congratulate my colleagues on this victory!”

Maxim Dunaevsky: “beautifully done, great music, acting is just beyond praise. Ironically, with humor. This, incidentally, is very difficult to do – to convey a musical sense of humor, then it is fine. From all points of view is a pleasure. Colorful, ironic, extraordinary play, the actors play very well. Then I couldn’t fault it”.

Larisa Verbitskaya: “I feel part of the spectacle that is happening on stage. Loved the orchestra, emotional conductor Mariam Barskaya. The costumes, the makeup, the action – everything is awesome!”

Anastasia Stotskaya: “I Am Delighted! I loved it! Knew it would be cool, but not that bad! Don’t like all these vampire stories, but this… Beautiful Ivan Ozhogin, humor, sets, costumes – everything! Will recommend to all! Great success, I’m happy!”

Alla Dovlatov: “Count von krolock is played by the same actor that in “the Phantom of the Opera” is an amazing actor, we voice heard! “Stage” always look for the best – don’t miss their premiere! The Ozhogin – beautiful, straight chill… When we asked if we could describe the setting three words, said, “Ivan Ozhogin rules”. We love it, wonderfully easy. And like everything: music, scenery, costumes, dancing. This, of course, a completely different level. This Is Space!”

Mikhail Barshchevsky: “Statement, as always, brilliant, the scenery is brilliant, the music is good, voices are all different – there are very good. Undoubtedly, this is a regular event. I’m generally happy when we have musicals that our audience becomes accustomed to them.”

Vladislav Tretiak: “my Impressions are very serious. I guess all musicals in the world looked this is very peculiar. At first, he turns the mood serious when you go to look at the vampire, waiting for something fabulous and mysterious. And suddenly these moments slip in with humor, and a good thing too. And the artists – they’re in the roles they play with soul, with pleasure transported to the Transylvania of the NINETEENTH century.”