Звездный скандал: Гарик Харламов вывел Максима Галкина на чистую воду
Resident of Comedy Club grappled with the host of the First channel.

Звездный скандал: Гарик Харламов вывел Максима Галкина на чистую воду

Garik Kharlamov

Photo: @garikkharlamov Instagram Garik Kharlamov

Maxim Galkin

Photo: @Instagram maxgalkinru Maxim Galkin

This Sabbath day will be remembered by fans of the star scandals of the fight Garik Kharlamov and Maxim Galkin. Two representatives of the Russian show-business are butting heads over a new show the First channel “Stars under hypnosis”. In his microblog Garik expressed his opinion about the program, saying: “I understand, broadcast, entertainment and so on, but this is just a mockery of common sense!” The genre of the show “about the stars” has become obsolete, I’m sure Garik. And indeed ashamed openly to “fool” the head of the viewers, he said, hinting that the show is staged.

Galkin did not keep silent and said that transferring it is certainly better than what shows in the native channel Kharlamov (with TNT), and Garik just a shame that the First channel has created a new successful project. Word for word, Garik and Maxim moved to personal insults. This story is definitely too early to put a point, but it is possible to observe further developments. Network joke, that conflict Galkin and Kharlamov has turned into a confrontation between the two channels. Who will have the last word?

Curiously, the rating of the new show Galkina, despite the criticism, is very high. Shortly after the premiere users of the Network (headed by Stanislav Sadalsky), even before the Declaration Kharlamov, tried to be indignant, saying the show “a disaster”. He easily fought off the attacks, giving all dissatisfied ratings data. “Stars under hypnosis” became the most rating program of the output among all channels. Yes!” — wrote Network Galkin. So, without false modesty, Maxim put in place the viewers criticizing his work, and at the same time Sadalsky. By the way, the most attentive readers of the blog host drew attention to the fact that this publication is about programs of the day all channels, and therefore, Galkin last weekend beat its longtime rival Andrey Malakhov with his own show, “Hello, Andrew!”.