Star “Women’s League” Anna Antonova secretly became a mother

Звезда «Женской лиги» Анна Антонова тайно стала мамой The artist son was born. The boy was named Plato. Anna devotes all her time to raising her son. Celebrity did not advertise pregnancy, so hide interesting position, even from close friends.
Звезда «Женской лиги» Анна Антонова тайно стала мамой

Artist and so a rare guest of social events, but now completely moved away from public life. A few months ago Anna and her husband, actor lenara Nigata, was born. “Son, named Plato, said the “StarHit” happy father of the baby. Anya is so devotes herself to the child that I am sometimes a day can not get through to her!”

To cope with the heir Antonova help from my mom. “Tatiana doted of a grandson, says “StarHit” Vladimir, a friend of the couple. – Grandma really waiting for the appearance of the baby born”. The news about the upcoming addition Anna was kept secret even from friends – secret of the rounded shape under clothes and a spacious ceased to post pictures on the social network.

“Anya and with the current husband it was all hush-hush, – continues Vladimir. – She’s a few years met with others – Alex, far from the world of show business person. Then a couple quietly broke up and she soon met her future husband. Nigaf long and beautifully cared: arranged a romantic date in nature, gave flowers. Fascinated at full. Besides Lenar immediately liked the mother of Anna, and this is, you know, half the battle.”