Star “What? Where? When?” blew up the world Network

Звезда «Что? Где? Когда?» взорвал всемирную Сеть Andrei Kozlov became popular abroad. Users one of the most visited foreign resources has published an animated image of the master, where he looks amazed to the core. Sifco with Kozlov became one of the most discussed on the forum.
Звезда «Что? Где? Когда?» взорвал всемирную Сеть

56-year-old TV presenter and the master of elite club “What? Where? When?” Andrey Kozlov has gained popularity for foreign social news site Reddit, which is in the top 10 most visited resources on the world wide web.

One of the visitors of the portal published an animated GIF, which captures the surprise of the men during the game. “My reaction when a friend told me that the delay turned out to be false”, – he wrote.

Thousands of foreign users of the site came in the delight of expressive facial expressions Kozlov and brought it to the top of the resource. A forum thread devoted to the master, collected more than 380 reviews. Many foreigners were asked who is struck by a man in a tuxedo. They also wanted to know why it looks like it was a great relief.

“This is a quiz where a team of experts competes with the audience. If the expert answers the question, they get a point, otherwise the point goes to the audience… I guess the image shows the episode when answered only one of the players on the team. Likely, this man answered correctly or were very close to the correct answer,” wrote a well-informed visitor.

MRW my girlfriend told me her periods started after a few days delay

Note that many episodes of the TV show “What? Where? When?” became a meme. Social media users regularly make screenshots from episodes of the programme and complement the picture funny captions.

Andrey Kozlov is in the club of connoisseurs “What? Where? When?” since 1986. Lead is one of the most popular participants of the show. In November last year, Kozlov was in the center of a scandal that occurred during a television broadcast of one of the editions of the winter series. Then Rovshan Askerov accused the man of violating the rules of the game.

The Expert “What? Where? When?” accused another member of the club in infamy

By the way, recently hosted another international advertising festival “Cannes lions”. The main prize of the prestigious industry event, the first received viral videos – it’s about a character named Graham, who in short time became a meme. According to the creators, a kind of character is a mannequin that can survive in any accident. The authors wanted to remind the audience about the importance of observing safety on the road and fragility of the human body. Graham invented by order of the Australian authorities. Strange and awkward man was created by artist Patricia Piccinini in the development of the prototype she was assisted by a trauma surgeon and a specialist in the accident.