Звезда «Что? Где? Когда?» Андрей Козлов об интернет-меме: «Прикол оценил по достоинству» Masters intellectual club was in a video network user of Reddit. Five-second recording quickly spread around the Internet. Andrei Kozlov told “StarHit” , how did you hit him the glory.
Звезда «Что? Где? Когда?» Андрей Козлов об интернет-меме: «Прикол оценил по достоинству»

World famous masters intellectual club Andrey Kozlov brought a joke of a network user of Reddit. He posted on the website five second clip where the presenter is delighted with the award. Did beneath it the caption: “My reaction when not taught, but passed the exam”. For the day, the video got over a million views.

“I’m not hurt, – said Kozlov with “StarHit”. Actually, I’m an emotional person. But this time, for me, is not a typical reaction. Remember that game – we answered the question of the viewer. The hall issued a passport of a native of Kaliningrad and said, “What he wrote on page 12 of the document until 2005?” I assumed there was placed a picture of the baby when moving him across the border in Kaliningrad region. Unsure of the answer was correct. I was surprised that it happened.

About struck me glory found out on the third day after the transfer.

Woke up this morning, reached for a newspaper, suddenly the phone vibrated. See the message from assistant. And in it a link and saying “Look.” Passed by the address and saw a familiar face! The joke was appreciated. Joke: “Well, for this was worth 30 years to play the program!” Later I wrote to friends from India, UK, Germany.

The headlines of our Internet resources. For example, write: “the Main scholar of Russia…” Probably, Anatoly Wasserman in me now will see a competitor for that title. Myself do not consider myself one. But it’s nice! Glad that through the movie world has drawn attention to the program “What? Where? When?”. It is more important to me than my modest person. In the next issue, my colleagues-experts decide whether to abandon the lighting in the Studio. Because the light that is coming from me, light up the whole area!”