Звезда «Ворониных» в пух и прах раскритиковала модных исполнителей
Shocked Ekaterina Volkova decided on a bold statement.

Ekaterina Volkova

Photo: @volkovihome Instagram

Ekaterina Volkova recently joined the youth culture. Familiarity with the most trendy among teenagers and students performers brought the actress in silent horror. The actress spoke with sharp criticism of the work of LJ, Pharaoh’s Face it, Kryptonite and Purulent (whose battle with Oxxxymiron got on Youtube 30 million views).

Star “Voronin” was disgusted due to the fact that the idols of youth are advocating is extremely disrespectful to the girls. She feared that the lyrics of popular rappers of the above will provoke the appearance of complexes in adolescent girls. Among other things, their songs are calls to “throw” girls, not agreeing to sex on the first date.

“I want to appeal to all young girls that are trying to appeal to the current generation of guys and like their moral poverty! It’s not normal that you are treated as a consumable! So. It’s just some kind of rut! Be aware! No matter how sound the words of vanilla!

You are unique, each in their own way! And badboy that you are so tempting, it is insecure guys who are into each other want to prove something in his coterie, in your yard! And they probably dumped by some girl, so they are taking revenge for the pain the world. I was just in shock. It should not be. Value yourself and love life. And drag to where you are ready to preserve, protect and truly love, and not to teach to use drugs and take other people’s rules” — appealed to young girls Catherine in his microblog.