Звезду «Ворониных» довели до бешенства
Ekaterina Volkova is irritated by the behavior of their fans.

Ekaterina Volkova

Photo: Instagram

Star of the TV series “Voroniny” Ekaterina Volkova rage: the actress was driven to rage the behavior of some followers of her microblog on the Network.

“With this face, I usually sit and clean spam, — signed
photograph of the actress. — How to get advertising comments! Want to root
to kill all the bogus accounts with vaultname emulsions by means of losing weight and
the like. People, stop and do not beg for likes and subscriptions mutual!
Or go to the block. Lead an interesting and beautiful blog, and then the people to
you will be added on their own. And more! Find a have
normal operation, moms on maternity leave! Or dedicate time to family, not earnings
in the network. Go to the beautician and finally solve the problem with black
points! The mask will not help! And I’m not ad free.
Sorry, already boiling!”

It’s funny that those advertising comments
irritated the star, not have to wait long and was in excess
presented and for this post stars.

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