У звезды «Ворониных» Бориса Клюева нашли тяжелую болезнь The actor will long-term treatment. First, Boris Klyuyev confirmed data on illness, well-publicized, but then suddenly announced that he was all right. Anyway, the artist’s fans want him to quickly go on the amendment.
У звезды «Ворониных» Бориса Клюева нашли тяжелую болезнь

73-year-old Boris Klyuyev wasn’t feeling well and had to go to the doctors. As it became known to journalists, doctors one of the medical centers allegedly diagnosed the actor with a serious illness. It was reported that Boris Vladimirovich lung problems, and he will long-term treatment.

The exact name of the diagnosis Klyuyev is not disclosed. Currently, Boris is not in a medical institution, and home. The actor confirmed that indeed experiencing serious health problems. However, the artist is resolute not going to give up.

“It’s a lung problem, serious. Now I’m at home, in the hospital I did not go”, – said Klyuyev to reporters.
У звезды «Ворониных» Бориса Клюева нашли тяжелую болезнь

Many fans of Boris Vladimirovich worried about him and want to quickly go on the amendment. Viewers also remember the phrase “the Egyptian force”, which in the series says the character Klyuev Nikolay Petrovich.

Later the famous actor has denied the information about severe disease than introduced fans in bewilderment. The representative Klyuyev also not confirmed the information about his serious illness. Boris said that he receives a large number of requests from journalists. Reporters asked Klyuyev about the health problems.

“Something in me today all pulled out. No, everything is fine,” suddenly said the actor.

We will remind that Boris Klyuyev also head of the Department acting in VTU Shchepkin. Despite his age, the actor still starring in movies and TV series. Thus, in “Teacher” Klyuyev played Chernyshova, the father of one of the main characters. Now in production is the project “Police Saga” with the participation of Boris Vladimirovich. The premiere is expected this year.

In 1993, the Klyuev family tragedy. Died the only son of actor Alex. The young man was 24 years old, he died of heart failure. In an interview Klyuyev said that the death of the heir was a complete surprise to him. Alex did not complain about health problems, not Smoking and abusing alcoholic drinks. To cope with severe loss, Boris plunged in. Kluev decided not to cancel any performance. Despite the pain, the man came on the scene. Star “Voronin” told about the death of her only son

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