Star trend: double bundles-horns

Звездный тренд: двойные пучки-рожки

With cheerful beams can safely come to work or a date in the Park.

Such sloppy, hastily twisted bundles-horns – the sweetest trend this summer. As a child, you bezhit over a cotton candy in a cotton dress with a stranded mom and horns.

And it is quite sensible and not childish – dual beams became a new beauty trend. Hollywood stars spread in Instagram pictures with a fun stacking and collecting thousands of positive reviews, and beauty trendsetters reproduce images.

Under the hashtag doubletopknots in Instagram you can find thousands of options dual beams.

Our recipe bundles-horns is simple:

NACESTI hair at the roots and spray varnish

Divide the hair into two parts and do the tails

Necesi tails and twirl into a bun,

Thou shalt kill the hair and nevidimki rather do a selfie!

And what’s your favorite summer hairstyle?

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