Star surgeon was at the center of a massive scandal

Звездный хирург оказался в центре масштабного скандала Timur Nugaeva made a real hunt in a Network. Previously, video blogger Anastasiya Shpagina said that it received threats from an unknown man. He supposedly represents the interests of the clinic where she had an unsuccessful operation.
Звездный хирург оказался в центре масштабного скандала

At the end of April videobloger Anastasiya Shpagina has accused plastic surgeon Timur Nugaev that he made an unsuccessful rhinoplasty. Last summer, the girl was offered the surgery at a discount in exchange for a post on social networks. Anastasia agreed, but after medical intervention, she began to have health problems. According to Shpagina, one of her nostrils reduced in size, therefore the star Network, found it hard to breathe. Moreover, Shpagina always felt shortness of breath.

Anastasia turned to the surgeon with complaints. She was advised to wait for some time and said that the situation should be corrected. But a few months later the problem has not disappeared. Videobloger was forced to go back to medical specialists, but this time to others. Now, according to Shpagina, requires additional plastic surgery.

The Internet star has also recorded a video in which he told about his unsuccessful surgery. Video girls has garnered over 3.5 million views on YouTube.

“Every day, I harbored the hope that the nose would be better, the breath returns, and I can breathe as good as before the surgery, but, alas, the miracle did not happen. No, I don’t like the result, I didn’t want a crooked nose that does not function” – shared Anastasia in the Network.
Звездный хирург оказался в центре масштабного скандала

Then Shpagina has released another video in which he said that she began to receive threats. According to Anastasia, an unknown man named Victor left her a note asking her to call back. When the girl says, dialed a specified number, the man reported that represents the interests of the medical establishment, and began to threaten.

According to Anastasia, the mysterious Victor has made it clear that it should delete the previous video, otherwise it will have problems. The man said that Spasinou supposedly would be “very bad”, and advised her to buy “armored Windows”. In the future, Anastasia, as she told in her blog, started to write unknown people in a social network “Vkontakte”, which describes in detail how deal with it.

However, in a recent video the girl told that is not afraid of the threats. Since the police refused to accept the statement of Anastasia, she is going to sue the clinic.

“At the moment, I have no fear, it passed into anger. This whole situation is absurd and we will see you in court. Be careful when choosing a surgeon,” said the girl.

The situation in which Shpagina, caused a strong public resonance. More than 2.7 million subscribers, Anastasia began to Express their indignation at the actions of those who threatened her. In the comments to the videos, Internet users share their plans to protect Spasinou. They staged a crackdown on a clinic in social networks and report that we intend to pay a visit to a medical facility in order to press staff.

Anastasia Shpagina supported star Network that repost her video on social networks and actively discuss it. Among those who interceded for the girl, was Nikolai Sobolev and project Nemagia. The movie titled “Blogers want to kill. Shpagina is the victim of a surgeon” created by the inhabitant of Petersburg, a channel which has broken all records after the story of Diana and Shurygina, managed to gain over a million views. Many fans of Nicholas write Anastasia, with her “all YouTube”.

Звездный хирург оказался в центре масштабного скандала

However, not all social media users started to criticize the activities of medical professional. Among those who shared their positive experiences from visits to the clinic Timur Nugaev, was Anna Grachevskaya. Previously TV presenter and actress increased buttocks in a medical facility. The woman was extremely happy with the results of a doctor. Anna also announced that it intends to do his rhinoplasty.

Anna Grachevskaya horrified staff from the operating table. PHOTO

“In fact, friends, any competent surgeon will not give you 100% guarantee that everything will be as you have drawn, each person is different, the process operation is clear only in the process of operation, and after to know God. Surgeons have not yet received the qualification of “gods”, so you are responsible for ourselves and should understand that there are risks. Thanks again, Timur Shamilevich for my beautiful figure!” – said Anna in Instagram.
Звездный хирург оказался в центре масштабного скандала

The doctor, who was in the center of the scandal continues its work in normal mode. In his microblog regularly have positive feedback from patients. Due to the large number of threats from fans of Anastasia Shpagina the man closed the profile in Instagram and comments to posts. Apparently, Timur does not apply to the serious allegations that he allegedly threatened the star of the Internet.

“Lord, Yes, I’m al Capone! Or Sasha White is better? Fear, gangster Petersburg again,” joked the surgeon.

In another article, Nugaev made it clear that he has a lot of haters who try to ruin his life. Apparently, the surgeon does not take their actions seriously. “The course is everything – dill, jaundice, fakes. In General, as usual,” said Timur.

In addition, the medical specialist wrote that no one surgeon is not only positive reviews. According to Nugaev in his industry, anything is possible.

“This is the work on the human body, each of which is priceless and individually. But the surgeon is not the engineer who works with a ruler and pencil you can always erase. He works with the scalpel, and head. And you can’t just erase his work. If you think there are surgeons who have 100% satisfied patients, then you are greatly mistaken” – shared man.