Star Stand Up Comedy Stas Starovoytov became a father for the second time

Звезда Stand Up Comedy Стас Старовойтов стал отцом во второй раз The beloved comedian gave him a son. Stas Starovoitov and his girlfriend, makeup artist Irina Kryuchkova, accept congratulations. The man is trying to protect her personal life from public attention.
Звезда Stand Up Comedy Стас Старовойтов стал отцом во второй раз

A well-known comedian and participant of the show Stand Up Comedy Stas Starovoytov accepts congratulations from friends and fans. It became known that his current fiancee Irina Kryuchkova gave birth to a son. She shared the happy news on the social network. She regularly devotes subscribers in the events of life, but the man prefers to tell in the microblog solely about creativity. Fans rushed to congratulate the new parents with the birth of the baby.

On the novel of the comedian and makeup artist became known last year. For many fans of the showman, this news was a real surprise. For several years he was married to Marina mametovoi – they were married in 2010 in Tomsk. The following year, they celebrated the completion of the family – the girl gave wife a daughter Masha. Some time later, Stas moved to Moscow and carried his wife and child.

Звезда Stand Up Comedy Стас Старовойтов стал отцом во второй раз

Some believed that Irina stole the man of the family. However, the girl told reporters that their first date took place in December 2015. She claimed that at the time man was free from the former relationship, and therefore it cannot be blamed for a new novel.

Despite the passionate love, the lovers tried as much as possible not to declare themselves as a couple. Only after some time in the microblogging girls began to appear pictures with Starovoitova, but the comedian does not aspire to provide the fans of the mother of his son.

Stas Starovoitov has become known for its participation in the project Stand Up Comedy. Basically he was joking on the theme of family relationships and often mentioned in his short sketches my wife, daughter and mother in law. However, after the divorce he had to change the theme of the monologues. Many have associated this with the fact that he is experiencing due to the disorder in the family. But now his personal life is all right.

According to the publication Woman’s Day, fans are wondering who is more like a newborn baby, and they want to know how a child named.