Звезда «Ривердейла» в юности стала жертвой сексуальных домогательств  

25-year-old star of the TV series “Riverdale” Camila Mendes gave a Frank interview to the American women’s glossy “Women’s Health”. In it she not only spoke about his childhood, but shared a revelation – in his youth, the actress became a victim of sexual harassment.

Звезда «Ривердейла» в юности стала жертвой сексуальных домогательств  

The beginning of his revelation actress of the stories about his childhood. For 18 years, Camila Mendes more than 12 times moved, partly due to father’s career.

“To move throughout my childhood was a little traumatic,” says Kamila. — You constantly say goodbye to people, and you are all the time away from his personality. When you begin to feel that you connect with a group of people, the environment and the house — physical house — it can destabilize a situation when you will uproot and take to another place”.

For years, Kamila began to develop a sense of “home” through the uniformity that is considered to be a daily routine to visit the same hotels, yoga classes, Pilates studios and cafes. Also for the actress the house — a mood, a feeling that can’t be separated from your body or from where you move in the world. This is a more profound sense, which includes safety and comfort. House for Kamila’s so important that she even got a tattoo under the breast with the inscription “build the house”.

Звезда «Ривердейла» в юности стала жертвой сексуальных домогательств  

The inspiration for the tattoo came in a dark period of life of the actress, long before she got the role of Veronica Lodge in the TV series “Riverdale”. Then she enrolled in “the school of the arts Tisch” at new York University.

“I got the tattoo after the first year,” she says. — I had a very bad experience. Drugged me, and then I was subjected to sexual harassment“.

After a painful incident Camila swore that from that moment everything in her life will make her feel safe and feel comfortable. A tattoo that says “build a house” — symbol of this.

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Part of the acquisition of confidence was the establishment of the relationship between dustim and physical condition, the ability to feel your body. “Whenever I feel that they’re going through something difficult, I think about what I can do physically for yourself,” says the actress.

Be physically active — it’s part of the personality Camila Mendez and her character from “Riverdale” Veronica Lodge, which in the series is a party to music bands and dancing in the support group.
Звезда «Ривердейла» в юности стала жертвой сексуальных домогательств   “I danced for seven years, from 4 to 11 years. Also in the childhood I played in musicals. Then most of my acting school was the lessons of the connection of the breath with the body, she says. — Movement has always been an important part of my life.”

At all times during the filming of “Riverdale”, Kamila trains in the gym. Lifting weights gives her strength and after a busy day, she prefers solitary training. But as much as she loved exercise, sleep is more important. She tends to sleep from seven to eight and a half hours.

“People sometimes prefer to train and do not give the body a rest, — tells Kamil. — I always choose sleep. I think its underrated”.

Despite the fact that the actress watching him, it is hard to combat harmful habits. So, last year Camilla was published information about what is struggling with bulimia for many years.

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“I only recently recovered,” she says, pointing out that she couldn’t do it without the help of a therapist and nutritionist. — I needed professionals I could trust to tell me what I did not know about yourself.”

Since then, as Camila Mendez revealed his secret, fans started supporting her, sharing his own stories about the struggle with bulimia. The actress stresses that the support of millions makes stay and not break.

“When I was a teenager, I had no role models. Then no one talked about bodypositive, love to his body. To be skinny was what was needed,” said the actress.

Now Camila aspires to become a role model whom she wanted to have in the past.

“The important thing is health, not appearance. I make the choice that is best for me not only for my body but for my soul, for my mind. And sometimes it is ice cream, because I want ice cream,” says the actress.

Tuning in what is right for her body (“I’ve eaten more carbs than ever,” she says), Kamila charged with energy, which helps in the filming.

Now the actress tries to play roles that are different from her character in “Riverdale” — a rich high school student Veronica Lodge. So, recently I Camillas in the Thriller “Windflix” from the streaming platform Netflix. The film focuses on a young couple caught up in a criminal investigation.

“I am pleased that I played a young married woman, not someone in high school,” says Kamila.

Despite the fact that she likes the character of Veronica, she admits that strives to break out of the stylized characters “Riverdale”.

“Now I live in what does not refusing, but it will not be forever. There will come a time when career and finances will decline, and I have to be ready for that,” emphasizes young.

But in his 25 years Kamila has already secured himself and his family some stability. The girl was pleased by the news that she recently bought his mother the house in Florida. Though the actress still spends most of his time on the set — whether in Vancouver or Los Angeles – still her mom got a house to call your own.

“Now I have it! she said, smiling. — We finally have a house!”.

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