Звезда «Электроника» подебоширил на свадьбе

The once famous actors, which firmly can be called “actors, one role” Vladimir and Yuri Torsuev, who played in the Soviet film “the adventures of electronics”, was at the epicenter of the scandal. The brothers were invited to the wedding in Moscow relatives. Vladimir went home early, and Yuri are not calculated with alcohol, and then started a drunken brawl.

“When Vladimir returned home, Yuri got hooked on alcohol, then began brawling with the staff of the Banquet hall. The conflict ended with the fact that he was kicked out on the street. Yuri sat down on the roadway just with a bottle of cognac and interfered with the traffic. Had to call the police” — told the witness.
Already at the police station, where he had been an actor, he began to behave less violently, smiled and was friendly. There he finished his brandy and spent the night. The next day torsuev sobered up and was released after officers made the Protocol on the fact of drinking alcohol.
Recall that the film “the adventures of electronics” was released in 1979. After the tape is made of Vladimir and Yuri Torsuev famous throughout the Soviet Union. After the brothers starred in several films, but a great success in kinoepopee longer had.

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