Звездный патруль: как работники ГАИ наказывают и выручают звезд Today the Agency celebrates its 80th anniversary. “StarHit” find out what trouble the celebrities had to face on the road and as servants of the rule of law helped them to get out of the situation.

      Звездный патруль: как работники ГАИ наказывают и выручают звезд

      Contrary to popular belief that the stars everything is easy and simple, practice shows that they are not immune from the most common problems. Almost every other star at least once in my life had to deal with enforcement officers on the road, and not always these stories ended well. In one word, celebrities who move around the city on cars, have behind shoulders not one adventure associated with GAI. On the 80th anniversary of Ministry “StarHit” has learned, as Ministers of law and order to the rescue and punish stars.


      The singer and her father Mr Sorochkin fans. On the website of the service of judicial bailiffs is that they have to pay fines for 2500 rubles. “Sometimes I’m late to the airport, so we have to limit on your own risk, − shares with “StarHit” Nyusha. – There was a case I had just finished a concert and had to fly to another city. Because of all the overlays turned out that before the flight is only an hour and a half around the tube. The police who were responsible for security at the speech, learned about it and escorted my car to the entrance to the terminal through a dedicated lane. Thanks to them, I did it all”.

      Maria Kozhevnikova

      Звездный патруль: как работники ГАИ наказывают и выручают звезд

      Actress and Deputy of debt in 6500 rubles for speeding and wrong Parking. However, the machine was only on Mary, it goes with the driver.

      “Seven years trying for a wheel, − said Kozhevnikov. Sometimes you just have to decide operational issues can distract. But I still remember, as handed over to the law. He studied at the mechanics. The theory I have bounced away from the teeth, there were no problems, but when the time of delivery of practice, confused. In my group causes havoc that the examiner emotional, and unforgiving. But it was not so. When I drove it, it seemed to me balanced, I calmed down and passed right the first time”.

      Anastasia Stotskaya

      Звездный патруль: как работники ГАИ наказывают и выручают звезд

      It seems that the singer does not know how to Park: it has two fines for Parking – 5,000 rubles and one for speeding – 500 rubles. “I love to drive myself, – says Anastasia. – Sometimes you break the rules, like everyone else. For example, if very late, you can go with a speed over 80 km per hour. But ironically it is in these moments necessarily fall under the gaze of the cameras or traffic police. Often there are incorruptible guards: say that on the road anyway – and prescribe a penalty”.

      Activists “Stopham” was brought to tears of the son of Anastasia Stotskaya

      Dmitry Malikov

      Звездный патруль: как работники ГАИ наказывают и выручают звезд

      The singer rarely violate traffic rules, this confirms only one penalty − 500 rubles for speeding. “I have long-standing good relations with the guards, − said Malikov. Many years ago, before the wedding, I met with a girl. She invited me to celebrate the New year. Race on your cool black nine at the garden, then she stops – leaked antifreeze. To revive did not work, went to get help on a traffic police post. Told the attendant what had happened, he gave me a hundred grams – warm. But auto could not help. Were invited to stay and meet the chiming clock together. So I did. The girl, of course, offended, but I’ve got a friend”.

      Stesha Malikova does not hesitate to speak with the Pope about sex

      Victor Vasiliev

      Resident of Comedy Club in contrast to the wife’s neat driver. From the bailiffs is just one penalty to his name as a Parking for 3000 rubles, and Anna Snatkina as many as six for a total amount of 10 500 rubles.

      “I do not remember that I had problems with the traffic police, on the contrary, there were great guys, said the “StarHit” Vasiliev. − As it was late and Murphy’s law was in an accident. I was not to blame: the young man jabbed me in the rear bumper. Made the call, waited. Before the shooting less than an hour, thought all would have to cancel, do it in a record 20 minutes came along. The guys got into position, all issued without traveling to offices”.

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