Star of TV series “Streets of broken lights” stood up to the bullies

Звезда сериала «Улицы разбитых фонарей» дала отпор хулиганам Elena Kuprashevich almost left without handbags. The actress managed to stand up for themselves, and therefore have not suffered from actions of hooligans.

      Звезда сериала «Улицы разбитых фонарей» дала отпор хулиганам

      In that moment, when the actress who played the investigator Rita Potapov in the popular TV series “Streets of broken lights”, was assaulted, she was in a hurry for a wedding, where he was the host of the event. The man ran up to Elena from behind and wanted to pull out from her hands a handbag. However, Kuprashevich did not panic and fought back the attacker. So much so that he did not even have time to recover.

      “As all young ladies who are late, I was flying to work, not noticing anything around, – shares with “StarHit” Elena Kuprashevich. – Suddenly from the back came a man, around one of the passers-by was not. Apparently, he followed me. In that moment, when he grabbed me by the hand, I, just like I was taught, without hesitation, turned around and started to act. First hit the thief with his elbow and then a knee. And on top of still bag him whacked! To teach it! And went forward with a confident gait, though my heart was pounding out of my chest”.

      However, the villain is not calmed down and caught up with the actress. The truth is not in order for it to Rob – the man hastened to Express to the woman in the face of all that he thinks about it. Elena was forced to contact the police. The malefactor was detained.

      To escape from a bully Lena helped a self-defense class. She has long been engaged in melee combat. “I have nicknamed the “Russian Nikita” – continues Kuprashevich. – When I have time, I spend it in the gym with his close friends. It’s either the gym or the Boxing hand to hand combat. And once I asked friends to teach me self-defense because I was scared to walk the streets, and shooting mostly end far for a midnight. And here, unfortunately, the moment came when I had to apply their skills in practice. And I sincerely recommend every modern woman to undergo self-defense.”

      Up to this point your skills Elena Kuprashevich had to apply only in the movies. In 2012 she was awarded the medal named army-General Margelov for the embodiment of “the Image of the military in the movie” in the movie “Military intelligence,” where he played the sniper.

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