Звезда сериала «Лестница в небеса» сыграл собаку

Such an unusual role for Michael was invited to play ward of Grigory Leps in their new clip.

In the TV series “Stairway to heaven”, which recently went on the First channel, Mikael Aramyan had the first time to fly helicopters, to participate in the chase on the car and perform challenging stunts. But all this was not so difficult, how to play… the dog. Such a role the 24-year-old actor proposed ward of Grigory Leps Alina Grosu.


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Shooting the video took place in one of the suburban villages, decorated under the “feminist” camp: here the girls enjoy life, and men spend time behind bars. The main character comes back on a motorcycle. In one of the cages blond spots him, charming and temperamental hottie. Alina takes it with him, begins to “educate”, “train”. And it’s all over, you will learn by watching the video. The premiere will take place next week.

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