Звезда сериала «Красная королева»похудела до неузнаваемости Shooting the film Xenia lukyanchikova dropped 15 pounds. When the screens out the series “the Red Queen”, who played Regina’s Life looked like a real model. It cost her considerable works.

      Звезда сериала «Красная королева»похудела до неузнаваемости

      To the series “the Red Queen” 23-year-old Ksenia lukyanchikova looked just the way she liked by the audience in the way Regina’s Life. In order to get a role one of the most striking and mysterious mannequins of the Soviet Union aspiring actress needed to lose weight badly. Her appearance was fitting to the producers, but the figure didn’t quite meet the standards of the modeling business. It should be noted that with the growth of 177 centimeters Xenia looked a little heavily for a star of the podium.

      “Red Queen” of the Soviet podium: working for the KGB, unrequited love and suicide attempts

      “To get the main role in the series, based on the biography of the Soviet model of Regina’s Life, I had two months to lose 15 pounds, says lukyanchikova. – My first audition took place in an empty auditorium, directed by Alyona Semenova recorded on my tablet. After that, I auditioned three more times, and again said: you should lose weight. And even when approved, I heard: “This does not mean that you don’t need to lose weight!” To shed 15 pounds in two months — really. The most difficult were the last seven pounds”.

      Звезда сериала «Красная королева»похудела до неузнаваемости

      By the way, the actress was likely to be overweight since childhood. Ksenia always somewhere in a hurry and jammed on the go yogurt scones, and the very loved sweets, and recovered quickly. In seventh grade lukyanchikova much in love and only for three summer months dropped 25 pounds. When classmates saw her the first of September – won’t believe their eyes.

      Since then, the star knows that can easily gain and lose weight. Now, however, it fits reasonably to the process of losing weight. In the diet of the actress only healthy meals. For example, for the series “the Red Queen” she used the method of a healthy diet and actively engaged in sports.

      “I only ate buckwheat, vegetables, lettuce, apples and drank kefir. From the lack of meat is not strongly suffered: I generally do not like, can occasionally eat a piece of cooked fillet. Plus the producers of the picture was constantly sending me money for massages. I strenuously went in for sports at the University: machine, stage movement, fencing — tired more than fitness. I had no choice: I had to play that role! And was obliged to lose weight” – says the actress in an interview to “7 days”.

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