Star of TV series “Junior” Svetlana Antonova has become a mother of many

Звезда сериала «Молодежка» Светлана Антонова стала многодетной мамой The actress gave her husband Alexander heir. Svetlana Antonova today gave birth to a son. Newborn baby and mother feel good and accept congratulations.

      Звезда сериала «Молодежка» Светлана Антонова стала многодетной мамой

      In the family of 36-year-old actress Svetlana Antova, who played a major role in the movie “piranha”, and 47-year-old Director Alexander Zhigalkin was a joyful event. She gave her husband a third child. The baby was born in the Sechenov Institute on pirogovke. There Svetlana gave birth to two previous children. Mom and newborn boy feel great. Now the happy parents are receiving congratulations on the birth of heir.

      Despite the fact that many celebrities prefer to surround yourself with comfort and choose the expensive luxury of a separate chamber for the childbirth, Svetlana sees no need to overpay. She only pays attention to the professionalism of physicians.

      “Here, qualified doctors, good conditions. The house I have no separate, I prefer double chamber, since there is no hard and partner and always able to help. To pay some wild amounts for Eurochambres pointless, I think – says “Stricom” Antonova.

      The actress admits that the expectation of a third child was not so easy. She didn’t limit yourself to the gastronomic predilections.

      “During pregnancy until the fifth month was a terrible toxicosis. And then all ate in a row. My son was born. Husband and daughter are thrilled,” says Svetlana.

      Interestingly, older sister Svetlana Natalia is also the mother. Now they have three children.

      For Svetlana and her husband, Director of such acclaimed projects as “Daddy’s girls”, “Six frames”, “Voronin”, and many others, it is the second common child. The couple is growing three-year old daughter Taisia. Also celebrities are raising 11-year-old Maria, who was born in the first marriage Svetlana with actor Oleg Dolinin.

      It is interesting that soon mom will be the famous TV presenter Maria Sittel. A leading program “Vesti,” give your wife fifth child. Now, while the pregnancy of Mary is very small, she continues to work. While the wives don’t know who they will be born – a boy or a girl. The couple has three sons – Ivan, Savva and Nicholas and his eldest daughter Dasha. Maria is very glad that colleagues are sympathetic to the fact that she will soon go on maternity leave. Despite the fact that Sittel – the mother of many children, she manages not only work on television, but also to teach the students at the Institute MITRO.

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