Звезда сериалов Юлия Латышева борется с раком The actress believes and hopes to be able to recover. More than a year, the artist lived and had no idea that seriously ill. At the moment Yuliya Latysheva is the third course of chemotherapy

      Звезда сериалов Юлия Латышева борется с раком

      32-year-old star of the TV series “Traffic light” Yulia Latysheva urgently hospitalized in one of the cancer centers of Moscow. Some time ago doctors diagnosed actress Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

      About the disease Latysheva personally announced to their friends on the social network page. The actress admitted that long lived, not even knowing about what happened to her trouble. News about the disease caught Julia off guard, but she decided to fight. My experience Russian Star series shared with friends and fans.

      “For me, lent this year began with sad news that I have been diagnosed with cancer of the lymphatic system – Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, 2 stage. At first I didn’t want to tell anybody about this, especially because the doctors said I was more than a year already living with this disease. But that’s why I chose the palm Sunday still to share with you my story to you, my dear friends, more attentive to yourself, with love passed all the necessary examinations and had been treated on time, avoiding anything like this! I have a month located in cancer center. Blokhin, in the Hematology Department, and I learned a lot about the people and doctors. I’m going to tell you stories that are different make you look at familiar things,” wrote Julia.

      At the moment, the actress is undergoing her third round of chemotherapy. She hopes that treatment will help, and her condition will improve. The woman regrets that time has not discovered the disease since a long time due to busy work schedule and prefer not to visit doctors.

      His 32nd birthday Julia met in the hospital. May 16, she was surrounded by people close to her. Latyshev was grateful for such support in the difficult time. The actress also noted that several otherwise began to look at life, but because another birthday for her was really special. His Julia met with the realization that life is a real gift.

      “This year my birthday was a very special day! I felt that, probably, would never have felt, had it not been with me this thing that Aristotle called “crab”. Happened to me a complete reassessment of values, a full reset, and, most importantly, I feel that through all these trials God brings my arms to the incredible all-consuming love! He does it with the help of angels! And these angels – you! My beloved parents, husband, friends, relatives! I can’t find the right words to Express what I feel. Your support is so significant and precious that every day I thank God for this test!”, she wrote the next day after the feast on page in the social network.

      Yuliya Latysheva known to television viewers for the TV series “Anya”, “a Matter of honor”, “the Secrets of Institute for noble maidens” and “Traffic light”. Her path to becoming an actress was slow and arduous. At first Julia was educated in Sterlitamak pedakademii, and then went to Moscow to enroll in the acting Department. Before the trip to the capital, the actress Sterlitamak Russian drama theatre Zoya Kireeva gave farewell to Julia: “you will succeed. Go and fear nothing!”.

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