Звезда сериала «Интерны» жаждет депутатской власти Vadim Tsallati wants to win the election. The actor admitted that he had no experience in such matters. Fans believe that he can become a good people’s representatives, who will be able to win the favor of people.
Звезда сериала «Интерны» жаждет депутатской власти

Actor Vadim Tsallati remembered by the audience for the role of anesthesiologist David Teimurazovich in the sensational TV series “Interns”. The man worked in the theatre, and regularly starred in the movie. Apparently, the 41-year-old actor decided that he will be able to realize its potential as an MP. The artist intends to run in the upcoming elections on September 10. The man admits that this is his first experience in new quality, but because he seeks the support of the fans.

“Dear friends! On 10 September I participate in the parliamentary elections in the Republic of North Ossetia – Alania in the composition of the party Patriots of Russia. Never involved in politics and the decision was made after a conversation with the famous Russian politician, a friend Arsen by Mazaevym. I, like many others, trust in him, the team and colleagues, strong and active personalities in various fields, such as Dzambolat Tedeyev, the main coach of Russia on free-style wrestling, the hero of Russia Victor Velichko, candidate of economic Sciences Margaret Kulov -the real patriots of their country and homeland,” said the actor in reference to followers.

Fans responded to the call Collate and wished him success in the upcoming elections. They believe that he can adequately represent the interests of citizens and to improve life in the country. “Wow… All the candidates were with such a huge heart. Good Luck, Vadim!”, “Good luck in all your endeavors! Very nice to watch, a sense of openness and honesty!”, “Good luck in your new endeavors! New horizons and opportunities open to all! I wish the growing prospects of ongoing development, a brilliant career and we wish success!” – wrote followers.

Also in the elections of 10 September is going to appear, and the illegitimate son of the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Oleg Edelstein wants to get into the local Parliament of North Ossetia. Vladimir Zhirinovsky submitted it to the voters. Vladimir Zhirinovsky has put in a good word for an illegitimate son

Many famous people strive to come to power and to take parliamentary seats. Not so long ago about the intention to become a politician has said former members of the “House-2” Alexey Samsonov and Evgeny Feofilaktova, but their dreams do not become reality.