Звезда сериала «Воронины» празднует день рождения в Италии
Boris Klyuev turned 72 years old.

Boris Klyuyev

Photo: Stanislav Krasilnikov/TASS

Leave people’s artist of Russia Boris Klyuyev, the beloved
the head of the family Voronin from the same series on STS — organized with
wife Victoria Vasilievna in the resort of Scalea in southern Italy. “After
I here bought an apartment in the condominium, and in one interview described it
wonderful place, many of our compatriots have purchased a house here, —
says 7days.ru Boris Vladimirovich. — Many even
I have referred to, say, Klyuyev said how lovely it is. So now Scalea
it became virtually a Russian city, and now rest in it a lot of my Moscow
friends, today we meet with Victoria in honor of my birthday.”

To receive guests, Vladimir Borisovich and Victoria
V. will be at the Banquet table in the garden terrace adjacent to the apartment
ground floor. “The wife is great and always happy to cook, — says
Klyuyev. Today our guests will treat the “little blue” (a dish of eggplant
in her special recipe), various salads, vegetables, pasta, in which
will definitely add tuna (familiar Italian sailors gave me a
Bank), vodka with red caviar, specially brought from Moscow, and
local wine”.

Night birthday surprises from friends and
wife your gift is presented — e-book. “I asked you to upload
a few favorite pieces from the classics, I do not know how, I have
Stas Doinikov, my cinematic son Leon of “Voronin” — says Boris
Nikolaevich. Stas finds me what I need, and remove what is not
need, so that part of the gadgets I am under his patronage”.

We will remind that Boris Klyuyev graduated from the Higher theatre
the school Shchepkin in 1969. A student went out in the crowd in
the performances of the Maly theatre, which was invited after graduation, where
is present and is a leading actor. In the movie debuted also
another student played the patrol in the film “the Punisher”. She starred in more than 110
movies and TV shows, including “D’artagnan and three Musketeers”, “the TASS
is authorized to declare”, “nicknamed the Beast”, “the Case of kukotskiy”, “Voronin”, “Teacher.
The second season,” and others. People’s artist of Russia (2002). Art
Director of two courses of VTU (Institute) of them. M. S. Shchepkin, head of the Department
the skill of the actor.

The portal 7days.ru congratulates
wonderful and beloved Boris Vladimirovich, happy birthday wishes him
long years, family wellbeing and new prominent roles on stage and in film.

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