Звезда сериала «Остров» Янина Студилина: «Мне было трудно оставить дочь» The actress spoke about motherhood. Yanina Studilina gave birth to first child at the end of 2016. After almost four months she came in perfect shape and was able to appear before the camera in a swimsuit. For the sake of working, the artist was forced to leave with little Anya.
Звезда сериала «Остров» Янина Студилина: «Мне было трудно оставить дочь»

Monday, February 5 on TNT kicks off the second season of the series “Island”. Actress Yanina Studilina plays a major role – Olga Fagus. Premiere of the first part took place in 2016. Audience eagerly waited for the continuation of a favorite story of characters who find themselves cut off from civilization. Yanina said “StarHit” about what sacrifices she had to go for filming in the second season, as well as the separation from daughter.

Ioannina, the second part of the “Island” comes two years after the premiere. When you find out that the producers will make a sequel?
Звезда сериала «Остров» Янина Студилина: «Мне было трудно оставить дочь»After the first season, it became clear on the ratings that come out the second part. However, the question arose, when this happens. It takes time to write a quality script. Deadlines are constantly postponed, and at some point I learned that we are in an interesting position. I decided not to say anything, thought that the child will have time to see the light before you get shooting. Then I was called and told to be ready in January, and my due date stood at 31 Dec. If you remember, the first season ends with the fact that Olga finds out about the pregnancy. I understand that there are two options – either the film crew waiting for me, or you will have to remove from the script my character. In the end, the producers were able to push back the timeframe, but because I had to go to the site after three and a half months after giving birth. For me it was a challenge. First, you have to appear in a bathing suit. Secondly, I could not for a long time to fly to Thailand for only two weeks. After consultation with the doctor we decided to freeze breast milk to 10 days Anya could do without me. My schedule was crazy! This time the shooting was divided into the Moscow bloc, and Thailand. Everything that happens inside the ship, cabins, were filmed in Moscow, and the rest of nature. —
You can’t take the daughter to the set?
Звезда сериала «Остров» Янина Студилина: «Мне было трудно оставить дочь»The first six months we lived in the US, so I flew 46 hours. Arrived and entered the frame. The way to exercise with a baby is unrealistic. When daughter was six months old, we returned to Moscow.

How did you restore the figure came into shape in such a short time?
Звезда сериала «Остров» Янина Студилина: «Мне было трудно оставить дочь»To be honest, no way! The most important thing for me was the birth of the child. I was not ready to torture yourself diets for the sake of beauty in the frame, I ate whatever I wanted. Apparently, all the excess is gone during breastfeeding. I basically eat nothing harmful – no sodas, chips, lead a healthy lifestyle. During pregnancy I went 2-3 times a week special yoga classes, tried 2-3 hours a day Hiking. Of course, for the eighth month was hard, I was so huge belly that everyone thought twins. Overall, I’m not really recovered, the back is impossible to understand that I’m pregnant. —
Daughter was born heavy?
Звезда сериала «Остров» Янина Студилина: «Мне было трудно оставить дочь»No, absolutely not! Not a major child, the birth was natural, all the time. Shortly before the appearance of the daughter to the light, I went to the salon, because he knew that it wouldn’t before. Came to doctor, but he convinced me that to give birth soon and I can celebrate the New year. And the same evening I arrived at the clinic. It turns out, the daughter was allowed to go to the salon, because after four months I forgot what it is! For me the most important thing was not to forget about the shower. I think many moms know what I mean.

It was hard to part with the daughter at the time of filming? Who took care of the baby?
Звезда сериала «Остров» Янина Студилина: «Мне было трудно оставить дочь»I found it very difficult. I consulted with a doctor, but I was convinced that the separation at such an early age for the child will not stress if you leave milk. My mother was very supportive, helped flew. So Anya was surrounded by relatives, with her husband, mom, dad, no stranger, no nannies. Called me every day, told how he eats and falls asleep. I was more worried. The doctor said that since six months, the baby differently reacts to the separation from my mother. Now I don’t leave her even for a day. To leave home is very hard without her. —
How are you working on now?
Звезда сериала «Остров» Янина Студилина: «Мне было трудно оставить дочь»I leave quietly and come back in a couple of hours. —
It is now Anya surprises you?
Звезда сериала «Остров» Янина Студилина: «Мне было трудно оставить дочь»Every day something new. We’re always together, to sleep laid its just me, we have a strong connection. Recently appeared on the birthday party of a sons of Masha Kozhevnikova. I was worried that her daughter might get scared, as was the entertainment, transformers, Lumiere. But she was left so excited! Ran, danced, rushed to the scene, all she was interested and could not take her home. Now I think I will start going to the theater, the circus, I think it will have a positive impact on its development. Moreover, will start to communicate with other children.—
How is your husband (Alexander Rodnyansky, Jr. – Primas’. “StarHit”) changed after the birth of her daughter? He takes on some responsibilities for child care, or all on your shoulders?
Звезда сериала «Остров» Янина Студилина: «Мне было трудно оставить дочь»When Anya was born, he melted. Husband wanted a girl. Now Sasha is with her all his spare time. In our family there is no sharing, who does what. Of course, I’m a mom and I’m more worries. But Alexander is a great dad. Besides, Anya copy. We even called Sasha is in a female form.

Janina, you have a fairly rare name. For the daughter did not want to choose too unusual?
Звезда сериала «Остров» Янина Студилина: «Мне было трудно оставить дочь»We had a long choice of how to name the child. I understand that in today’s world, we travel a lot, but because I wanted to have the name sounded good not only in Russian, but it was clear to foreigners. Of the options considered Mary, Anna – they are quite simple, but at the same time harmonious in any language. Long could not decide in the end decided, when you have a daughter, we’ll see what name will fit you better. At first glance understand – Anna.—
Still dream about the children?
Звезда сериала «Остров» Янина Студилина: «Мне было трудно оставить дочь»Of course, one kid I definitely do not want to stop. At least two, and better three. But honestly, now I see how much attention a toddler requires. I wanted the age difference between children was small, but I understand that it is very difficult for me. While giving all attention to Anya.

Back to your heroine Olga, what features of her character close to you, and what is unpleasant?
Звезда сериала «Остров» Янина Студилина: «Мне было трудно оставить дочь»It was very interesting to work this way. Can’t say that we are very similar. In my life I softer and calmer. Often happens when a good for someone are not always appreciate it. In such cases, I say to myself: okay, time to turn on Fagus! I miss her cunning and willpower. But her fate turned out to be prophetic when she got a positive pregnancy test result. That is why I could not play in the second season. If I was offered after giving birth, participation in another project, I would have refused. Can discover the secret in the second season of Olga, a fancy capital “thing” removes the mask of bitchy blondes. There are feelings, love, she becomes more feminine. I think that’s what I became a mother, helped make the character softer. In one episode there’s a story about her, how she lived to the island. You find that with someone of the characters she knew before… —
Janina, you spent a lot of time on the set, which was located near the ocean. Now how about a beach holiday? Maybe now the sand and the sun you have associated with your work?
Yes you are, I’m looking out the window – this mediocrity, the cold. In Moscow winter, no sun! I love beaches, sun and warmth. I think that the release of the series in February is very handy. There are beautiful views of the ocean and nature. I hope that we will be able to convey this feeling to the audience.