Звезда сериала «Остров» устроилась работать в роддом
Irina Vilkova played in the web series.

Irina Vilkova

Irina Vilkova (“Island”, “You’re all I
besite”, “Her name is Mumu”) will play the main female role –
employee of the hospital Hope of having a sacred relationship with the mysterious storks.
“For me this role is a great challenge. Play
the heroine, who lives in the future, in a completely different coordinate system, in
another world is a very big responsibility, because the dystopian genre is
the opportunity to look at ourselves from a new angle”, — said Irina.

“Wrong” is the fifth collaboration of Irina Vilkova and Vladimir
Mirzoyev. The actress starred in projects Mirzoyev “was Her name Mumu” and “Sketches of
freedom”, and on the stage played in performances of “Stolypin-Tolstoy” and

“I am very pleased
to be back on a film set with Vladimir Putin,
says the actress. Is a unique Director who runs through space, and
allows you to grow close to him. He has an amazing atmosphere on set, the actor
always a collaborator, and that he was a teacher, or as I call him Buddha. At Mirzoyev
you cannot play bad, he somehow magically pulls out the actor
the best thing in it is”.

“Wrong” is a web series about the world
the future, where the relationship between people has changed beyond recognition. No more
need to look for a partner for procreation, because of the reproduction
population answer a mysterious storks. The plot revolves around a young couple, Nicholas and
Hope that understand that you can’t live in such a value system. Feelings
and emotions for them are much more important than the accepted norms. Together they decide to change
your destiny.