Star of the TV series “murder, She wrote”: the victims of harassment themselves provoked the offenders!

Звезда сериала «Она написала убийство»: жертвы домогательств сами спровоцировали обидчиков!
The actress was a barrage of criticism.

Angela Landsbury


The scandal involving the harassment, which began with Harvey Weinstein,
continues to grow. All new women declare themselves victims, calling the new
the names of the offenders. No one in Hollywood now can’t be sure that there will not
some actress or model, which declares that harassed her. The number of names of the victims and the offenders already
“rolls over”, that someone begins to doubt some

The discussion on this topic broke out with new force after on this subject
spoke the other day dear 92-year-old actress Angela Lansbury,
the winner of numerous awards famous for his role of Mrs. Fletcher in
the TV series “murder She wrote”. “The problem, like a coin, there are two
side. Of course, those who behave unacceptably with the ladies, and never
can be no excuses. But women themselves also in a sense
guilty. As there are the world, we have always tried and continue
try to look attractive. And it involuntarily provokes
men to action, often quite objectionable…” the actress said.

These words Angela literally blew up the Network. She was accused of all sins:
Lansbury, supposedly the defender of rapists, and a hypocrite… “what would
your series if your Mrs Fletcher vinyl committed crimes of their
victims?!?” asked yesterday fans of the actress, who now from her
denied. And others fell on Angela, arguing that to blame
women of her generation, encourage, supposedly disrespectful behavior

The actress was offended for himself and his contemporaries, which is not surprising. “I did
not justified. My words were simply taken out of context. And that
now blame me blame those who did not bother to fully read what
I told you!” — said Lansbury. That, however, did not calm down critics.