Star of the TV series “Carmelita. Gypsy passion” started feeding strictly on the cards

Звезда сериала «Кармелита. Цыганская страсть» начала питаться строго по картам
By Maria Kozakova only managed to lose about 6 pounds.

Maria Kozakova

Photo: Yury Feklistov

The addiction of Mary to the diet nearly ruined her stomach. In childhood
and adolescence can lead to appetite complained. “Up to 15 years I could eat fourteen
sandwich of the day: four for Breakfast, four for lunch, and the rest in between, and cook for dinner
pancakes with sour cream — not fat”. But surpassing the 20-year mark, start him with terrible force limit.
“Lucky people who eat anything and as much as you want and remain thin,
unit. I belong to the majority which swells even cucumbers —
the actress confessed. — That’s why I decided to find me a suitable diet”.

She tortured myself and the Kremlin diet and the Dukan diet, and counting system
calories-protein-fat-carbohydrate, sat on the buckwheat and kefir — as long as
realized that the “quick” diet to help her for a while. But cause great harm to the body break the metabolism,
hormones that cause gastritis…

Mary had to go to a clinic that studies
the metabolic disorders and problems of the gastrointestinal tract, and, having passed all necessary tests, got my hands on two
“map”: two list of foods that she can eat and cannot. “It turned out that without
harm I can eat fish, meat (except chicken), vegetables, dairy
products and egg whites. But I absolutely can not all sweet and everything
fruit. The maximum that can now afford, is
half of an Apple in a week or a little sour cranberries”. An unpleasant surprise
for the actress was that her kofemanka not shown to drink coffee. Not useful and
black tea, to which she was addicted not long ago, visiting with my mom (actress Alyona Yakovleva — Approx.
London. Had to replace a drink green tea. But, starting to eat according to the new system from 6 June to today
the day Mary managed to lose already more than six pounds!

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