Star marries children: the most expected wedding this year

Звезды женят детей: самые ожидаемые свадьбы этого года Actors and scenes preparing for the most important event of their heirs. Some choose outfits for the celebrations along with the new bride and groom and share his emotions with reporters. Other to the last hide responsible family event.

      Звезды женят детей: самые ожидаемые свадьбы этого года

      The stars of domestic show business waiting for the wedding of their descendants with great trepidation, than his own. Such events are never left unattended prying eyes. Glamor and glitter of the family festivities is shocking in its scope. In order to organize a dream marriage for your son or daughter celebrities do not regret neither the strength nor the means. However, to enter into their family is not so simple. All future sons-in-law and sister-in-law are carefully selected before to get into the circle of celebrities. The best of them known all over the country people comment with pride on those that do not like – prefer to remain silent. “StarHit” decided to talk about the most anticipated weddings of the “star” children.

      Son of Christina Orbakaite and Vladimir Presnyakov, Nikita Presnyakov

      One of the most anticipated weddings in the near future, according to the law, you can call the upcoming celebration in honor of the son of Christina Orbakaite and Vladimir Presnyakov Nikita Presnyakov and his lady Alena Krasnova. March 8, all fans of the grandson of Alla Pugacheva became known that their idol made a proposal to his beloved, who was celebrating his birthday. The young musician was presented with an engagement ring.

      As is known, in such an important matter it would be nice to enlist the support and approval of the family. Diva choice grandson has already evaluated positively, and even said the “StarHit” that is ready to help the bride evening dresses. It is necessary to assume that the feast will be unforgettable. The first person in our singers Kristina Orbakaite, Vladimir Presnyakov and Alla Pugacheva will prepare an unforgettable feast for his son and grandson.

      Granddaughter Of Alice Freundlich, Anna Tarasova

      Granddaughter of the famous Alice Freundlich Anna Tarasova recently pleased in the Instagram photo with the famous grandmother. And accidentally opened my secret! Attentive fans noticed in this photo, a wedding ring. Open the girl did not make excuses and admitted that he was going to make a life with her lover Alexey Mushinski.

      Звезды женят детей: самые ожидаемые свадьбы этого года

      Anya was not used to shock the audience, to exhibit personal life, family even admitted about the decision to get married immediately. But when told, at the same time told how her ideas should be the happiest day of your life. Another Studentka boasted that she was the most attentive and sensitive man in the world.

      “Alex is throwing surprises! For example, leaves for shooting in Moscow and says he’ll be back on Friday, and on Thursday unexpectedly arrives home with flowers. Then, on February 14, when we still lived in the country, it is awfully early allegedly went something to give my mom arrived with a bouquet of lilies of the valley. That is, he stood while I was asleep, went into the town, took the Lily of the valley, specifically where it is pre-ordered and brought!” –told the girl in an interview with “StarHit”.

      Lovers dream about a big wedding and honestly admit – that must be earned. As reported by the bride, she already decided on a wedding dress. Dress should be luxurious, long, like in the movies, and the cable from it will bear a little girl.

      Звезды женят детей: самые ожидаемые свадьбы этого года

      Daughter Valery Meladze, Inga

      Daughter Valery Meladze have linked their life with the Englishman Nori Vergina. Nevertheless, the wedding celebration is still to come. The heiress of the musician proved that doesn’t like to force things and prefer to measure seven times.

      For example, in October 2015, she held the engagement with Nori. And only after 1.5 years, the loving couple went to the registry office, where he legalized his marriage. However, with modest triumph, they decided not to stop and a Grand event will repeat in the fall.

      “That they filed, Inga told in advance, called. I gave the newlyweds a beautiful set of silverware that needs a young family. Now everyone will actively continue to prepare for the big wedding, which will take place in October,” – said in an interview with “StarHit” the mother Inga Meladze, Irina.

      By the way, modest wedding evening Valery Meladze was not present, but the official celebration, as noted by Irina, the family.

      Daughter of Leonid Parfyonov and Elena Chekalova, Maria

      The daughter of the famous Russian journalist Leonid Parfenov and restaurateur Elena Chekalova Maria pleased the parents of its status as a bride on the eve of the New year. And reported this to the fans of the wife of the TV presenter. She has published the daughter and shared emotions.

      Звезды женят детей: самые ожидаемые свадьбы этого года“Friends, our family has a holiday today: my Mary was betrothed to Andrey Muraviev. It seems to me that the betrothal to the New Year is to happiness,” wrote a caring mother, noting that he is trying on the role of the grandmother.
      Звезды женят детей: самые ожидаемые свадьбы этого года

      Future son-in-law of the famous journalist Leonid Parfenov has been in business. Daughter Mary graduated from the University of restaurant and hotel business in Italy, was public relations Director of two companies. Offer beloved businessman Andrey Muraviev made in Thailand, during a joint vacation. While the pair does not inform about the date of an important event.

      Daughter Valeria Anna Shulgin

      Daughter of singer Valeria a month ago, intrigued followers by posting “Instagram” picture. On the ring finger sported a ring with a large diamond. However, she has not confirmed information about the imminent marriage. But she gave ground for thinking your comment to the picture: “I Think I’m the bride?”

      Subscribers Shulgina inclined to a positive answer, because Anna always was secretive in matters of personal life. And only in one interview admitted that he is looking for kind, affluent and intelligent man. Not commented yet possible upcoming wedding and the girl’s mother – the singer Valeria. However, if the event still happens, this wedding will be one of the most anticipated among the children of celebrities.

      Daughter of Alexander and Catherine Strizhenova, Sasha

      17-year-old girl has long been hinting at a wedding. She often places them in social networks pictures of my beloved Anton Curiculum. Famous parents approve the choice of his daughter. They often take a trip abroad at the young couple.

      At a recent journalists ‘ questions Sasha’s father, Alexander Strizhenov said that the girl is still quite young for marriage, so the wedding talk was premature. However, the other day a young lady published a picture, which the fans considered an engagement ring. Some members supported the position of the strict father, Recalling the starry daughter of that marriage, it would be nice to grow a little more.

      “Is not it too early? Folder on the ass is not Nada? And it would be necessary for that!”, – wrote one user.

      The Daughter Of Dmitry Peskov, Lisa

      Daughter of press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov Lisa surprised the audience for a long time. Not only his desire to get married (she’s only 19), but their serious attitude to family and marriage.

      It turns out that when 17-year-old girl announced in the Network about their engagement with Yury Mescheryakov 2 years ago, she wasn’t going quickly to legitimize the relationship. On the contrary, she admitted in an interview that the wedding will take place in five years. That’s how much time Lisa gives yourself and your partner to get to his feet. Parents lovers depend not want.

      “Yesterday we really got engaged! For us this is a separate concept to the wedding at this point is not relevant. As I said, the wedding and the speech now!” – posted in 2015 Lisa in his microblog.

      While Lisa and Yuri Mature and strive to become completely independent, their wedding remains in the list of the most anticipated celebrations of the children of celebrities.