Star lawyer: Soon everyone will know who “stole” 20 million collected for Zhanna Friske

Звездный адвокат: Скоро все узнают, кто «увел» 20 миллионов, собранные для Жанны Фриске Alexander Dobrovinsky said that soon the whole truth will open. For a long time in the case of the missing money that the entire country was collected for the treatment of a seriously ill singer, there was no progress. Apparently, the situation has changed, and the consequence managed to find out who actually is guilty in the disappearance of large sums.

      Звездный адвокат: Скоро все узнают, кто «увел» 20 миллионов, собранные для Жанны Фриске

      The whole country is closely following the case of stolen millions of rubles, which were intended for the treatment of brain cancer Jeanne Friske. Dmitry Shepelev and Vladimir Borisovich Friske still not able to fully account for collected through the “Rusfond” money. The search of a missing multimillion-dollar sum deals with the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. Lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky has information that soon it can be solved.

      Mother Zhanna Friske may be accused of involvement in the disappearance of money

      “In the coming hours, the news Agency will publish data about who still “stole 20 million rubles, intended for the treatment of Zhanna Friske. Let me remind you that money disappeared from the account a few weeks before the death of little Jeanne. But will suffer if these rascals punishment – I don’t know…” – posted by the lawyer on his page in “Facebook”.

      Olga Orlova spoke about the conflict of the father Friske and Shepelev

      Recall that in late January it became known that the “Rusfond” appealed to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation with the request for excitation of criminal case on the fact of theft of funds from the account of Zhanna Friske. For the treatment of the stars through this charity effort across the country collected more than 25 million rubles. The first channel was in charge of this issue, and promised the audience with his hand to follow closely what is happening.

      Jeanne could not be saved. After her death, the relatives reported to the “Rusfond” only for 120 4 959 rubles. The fate of the remaining amount is still not returned to the “Rusfond”. But the money could go to help other needy patients.

      The singer’s father, Vladimir Ivanov, said “StarHit” that map, on which lay the full amount, he handed over to the civil husband Dmitry Shepelev Jeanne, which has been monitoring its treatment.

      “The card with money from the “Rusfond” we had only a month and a half, and for all waste produced at this time, we will report, – said Vladimir Friske “StarHit”. – Anything extra we didn’t do it! And all the rest of the money disposed of Dima. He will have to provide receipts for treatment Janna: 170 thousand euros for the clinic in Germany, 104 thousand dollars – for new York, 180 thousand dollars for Los Angeles”.

      In turn Shepelev in a conversation with journalists voiced the opposite opinion. “Not negotiable, a charity that funds remaining after the treatment of Joan, must be returned to the Fund and is aimed at saving lives, for what, in fact, been collected. All of my documents and receipts of treatment costs in September were handed over by me to the Fund. The fate of the remaining funds we all have to learn, as the account was at the disposal of parents and attorney Jeanne”, he said.

      Meanwhile, the source “Komsomolskaya Pravda” of the Investigative Committee shared the information that the Bank through which the account was opened, the star sent a request. “The answer came that the account Zhanna Friske, where the “Rusfond” sent donations, the singer’s father Vladimir Borisovich transfers or withdrawals not made”, – said the source. According to the publication, three translations of the foreign accounts did Dmitry Shepelev. In this case, before sending the converted rubles into dollars.

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