Star KVN Natalia Bocharnikova lost 50 pounds

Звезда КВН Наталья Бочарникова похудела на 50 килограммов The woman shared the secret of harmony. Member of KVN team “JUICE” Natalia Bocharnikova was able to lose poltsentnera through the diet. The artist admitted that he did not exhaust itself with trainings in the gym, but only adjusted the food.

      Звезда КВН Наталья Бочарникова похудела на 50 килограммов

      Natalia Bocharnikova became known for his performances at the Samara KVN team “JUICE”. Then the woman weighed 115 pounds. However, after a while she decided to leave in overweight. In the program “Let them talk” Natalia admitted that losing weight had cost her a place in the team – after all, the fatness brought her fame. However, it has not left its intention to become slim.

      Bocharnikova decided to go on a strict diet – she started to follow the diet. That’s why she for a short time managed to get rid of extra pounds. Natalia said that now constantly kept in the same weight. She admitted she helps her to keep slim woman refused meals after four hours in the evening.

      “I want to say that this weight is located from the time of the wedding, from 2013. I had a baby, during pregnancy gained 11 pounds, that is has become the norm. And then lost weight again,” – said Natalia.

      Despite the fact that the artist observes such a strict diet, it sometimes allows himself to have no limits everything you want. However, after that she has to re-take itself in hands and to observe eating habits.

      “Honestly, I’m often frustrated. So I arrived in Moscow – and there are fabulous restaurants, I come and eat. I live in a hotel, I admit, today so ate for Breakfast. But I will come and I will myself to revenge. I always get fat when I eat,” Bocharnikov said.

      As it turned out, Natalie was able to lose weight without exercise. She didn’t go to the gym, not exhausting yourself with exercise, but only followed the diet.

      The star of the team of KVN has told that with my future husband Alexander Tolminski met when dropped excess weight. The husband of the actress recalled that after the wedding, stumbled upon mens sports suit large size. He asked the lady, whose garment is among her things. Natalia admitted that he couldn’t find suitable clothes in the women’s Department. After this, Alexander realized what a huge work was done by his wife on the way to harmony.