Star KVN Maxim Kiselev prepares big wedding

Звезда КВН Максим Киселев готовит пышную свадьбу The showman plans to legalize the relationship with the beloved. According to Maxim Kiselev, he’s going to have a luxurious ceremony, which was addressed by well-known artists. Immediately after this the couple go on a romantic trip.

      Participant of the show “Once in Russia” and the star of KVN Maxim Kiselev, does not hide the second half from prying eyes. For a long time the showman meets Maria Tsygankova. In his interview with Kiselev talked about the fact that he wants to build a house in the woods, where he would enjoy the peace and lives together with his girlfriend.

      Recently, Kiselyov has informed to journalists the news. As it turned out, the man plans to legalize the relationship with the beloved. Details of the upcoming celebration Maxim shared in a recent candid interview. The comedian admits that very happy and looking forward to the marriage ceremony.

      “This summer, June 10, will be the greatest day of my life. After four years of Dating my girlfriend Mary decided to get married. She’s wonderful, beautiful and intelligent man, ten years younger than me. Working in the fashion industry. Wedding is a big, big many artists, my friends will be. And then I planned a very unusual and romantic journey, but it is not going to tell the details,” said the showman.

      According to the comedian, the wedding he plans to play in his native Smolensk. Live lovers too plan in this city. “My apartment’s there. Besides, I finished the construction of a country house with bath, garage and a beautiful pergola in the area,” – says Kiselev. He also said that it plans to move to Moscow with his wife. In addition, Maxim has added that have worked very hard and long to save, not dining in expensive restaurants, and trying not to spend large sums on travel and clothes.

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      During the conversation with reporters Kiselev also shared the story of meeting with the second half. According to star KVN, he met Maria in one of night clubs of Smolensk. Initially charming brunette took the man with hostility, but after some time her attitude to Comedy has changed. “I can achieve their goals,” admitted Maxim “Express newspaper”.

      Recall that a well-known entertainer was the captain of KVN team “Triode and Diode”, created on the basis of MPEI. Talented comedians repeatedly became the finalists of the Highest League. And in 2014, the TV screens came the show “Once in Russia”, in which, besides Maxim Kiselev, busy with many other natives of KVN.