Star KVN Maxim Kiselev legalized relationship with his beloved

Звезда КВН Максим Киселев узаконил отношения с любимой The showman told the fans that he married his beloved Maria Tsygankova. The pair signed in Smolensk. A few days later, Maxim Kiselev and his significant other are planning to play a luxurious wedding where you gather family and friends.

In April it became known that the 36-year-old member of the show “Once in Russia” and the star of KVN Maxim Kiselev is going to legalize the relationship with his beloved Maria Tsygankova. The comedian admitted that the celebration will happen very soon – in June. Maxim recently announced to fans that changed family status. Kiselev shared a short video made in the registry office of Smolensk.

Star KVN Maxim Kiselev prepares big wedding

“Friends, Hello, here they are last second of my single life. Now I am in the registry office, a few seconds will go upstairs and come down with it in a different status. This is Masha, five minutes to my wife. Convey greetings to all who are idle,” said the showman in his address to subscribers.

Fans Kiseleva began to congratulate him on his change in marital status. According to many, max and Maria are a lovely couple. “Hurrah! Bitter”, “wedding day”, “happiness to you, love, respect and appreciate each other”, “good luck,” “Be very happy”, “beautiful Wife,” wrote in the comments of the post TV stars.

Just a few days in the life of Maksim Kiselyov will be another important event – the wedding. Earlier in an interview with the showman said she plans to celebrate the marriage on June 10. In recognition Kiselyov, the celebration is big max and Maria were going to invite not only relatives, but also artists. Lovers want to remember this day for a long time.

A large-scale ceremony, shared Kiselev, will be held in Smolensk. Lovers plan to live there. During the conversation with reporters Maxim said that he has an apartment in his hometown and also country house with bath, garage and gazebo on the site. Not long ago, the showman finally finished work on the improvement of the property.

Immediately after the Grand celebration, the couple are about to go on a romantic trip, the details of which they prefer to keep secret.

We also add that Maria Tsygankova, soulmate stars of the Comedy show TNT, works in the fashion industry. Maxim Kiselev crazy about his lady. According to the former participant of KVN, his girlfriend “wonderful, beautiful and intelligent person.” Love does not and the difference in age – Mary’s ten years younger than Maxim.