Звезда КВН избил подругу перед смертью Aslan Alborov raised a hand to the girl. In the last hours before the tragedy a member of the team “Pyramid” was at the Prosecutor’s dacha. According to some, there was an altercation.
Звезда КВН избил подругу перед смертью

Member of the team “Pyramid” Aslan Alborov has died at the age of 33 on the night of the 4th of July. Many friends of the artist wonder how such a young guy suddenly decided to settle scores with life. According to some, Alborov committed suicide. It happened under Vladikavkaz. The staff at “the Threshold of heaven”, which is not far from the scene of the tragedy, told the details.

“It all happened in a private cottage. The hype has risen the terrible. But the circumstances of the death the men were not informed us. This large private house is located in a closed area. He does not belong to the ordinary people. Perhaps, therefore, the law enforcement authorities and did not disclose all the information,” – said the employees of the complex.

According to some, the cottage belongs to former Prosecutor Anatoly Dzidzoev. It is located in a separate area, behind a fence. The day of the tragedy the owner of the house was not there.

“The cottage rested Alborov niece Dzidzoev. The girl was not his wife. Just a friend. They drank. I had a fight. According to rumors, he went ballistic, beat her. Then ran outside. After some time she married him. And his body was discovered near the garage,” said the locals.

Journalists trying to figure out the identity of the girl that was next to the Aslan. “She’s the daughter of another respected man in Vladikavkaz, Professor Valery Dzidzoev. Now judge, who then will tell? Now the whole area, where was an emergency, cordoned off…” – said the correspondent of “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

Previously the Director of the North Ossetian theatre KVN Exiled Pliev confirmed that his friend took his own life. He was surprised by such a decision Aslan, because the young man didn’t even leave any suicide notes.

Became known the details of the suicide of a star of KVN

“Yes, it was suicide. We can not say anything. It happened today at 4 o’clock in the morning, any version, not even note the post-mortem was not found. The only thing I would like is to refrain from false versions. The man had everything was normal, work, work. He was married, recently married… he was fine, everything went normally, I just know it,” explained Pliev yesterday.