Star “Interns” Svetlana Kamynina on hunger strike

Звезда «Интернов» Светлана Камынина объявила голодовку
The actress is cure starvation in Altai.

Photo: Instagram

Actress Svetlana Kamynina on a hunger strike. However, not of contradiction, but only for health. The star flew in a specialized health center in the Altai, where the week-long course of fasting.

“It looks like people without food for 4 days, was signed by the actress in your photo. — Tell is in order: first, in the center Ulucay a large number of objasalsa procedures, this monitor intestinal cleansing (because leftover food is in the intestine up to 10(!) days), hot tub (gentle sauna), panto-fir bath, and of course visceral massage is massage of the internal organs. As one of my friend-the doctor: “No foot of man can live, but without the bowel — no.” That is why it is so important that it worked like a charm! I have never in my life did not go hungry (with curative intent) for so long. I’ll keep you posted on what it’s like to do without your favorite food! Especially without the glazed curd cakes”.

But not only to improve their health dreams Kamynina. Like virtually any woman, she wants to lose a few extra pounds.

“Special problems with weight I have never been — told Svetlana in an interview with the magazine “7 Days” two years ago. But a figure, of course, I still vigilantly watch. Support the body in tone and hone the form, so to speak. (Laughs.) I admit, 36 years old, but this age does not give me one”.

The actress is now 38, but she still looks great. And after a course at the center in the Altai hopes to return to Moscow and is transformed.