Star “Interns” mastering pole dancing

Звезда «Интернов» осваивает танец на шесте
Svetlana Kamynina found an alternative to the gym.

Svetlana Kamynina

Photo: Instagram

Svetlana Kamynina started pole dancing. According to
star “Interns”, this form of exercise is a great alternative
the gym. “Besides, this is a very beautiful and sexy, — says the actress.
Now for me the main problem is stretching — I have it enough
developed. So go for the marathon “a Split in 2 months”!

By the way, many celebrities share the love Kamennoi to
this kind of sport. Shestova acrobatics, otherwise it is called pole dance, half
is TV presenter Elena Starostina. “Several times I bought
passes to fitness rooms, but I didn’t enjoy it from boring and monotonous
school — recognized star. — Goal to lose weight, due to which women start
hard do physical exercise, I never stood.
I always weighed no more than 49-50
kg. So I wanted to find something for everyone, so I
could develop and learn new skills”.

First time to classes pole dance Elena came to
to look at the success of his girlfriend. “I liked it, although at the time I don’t
could even just stay on the pole. I decided to do a pole dance
seriously.” Now, he trains almost every day. And recognizes that
decided to record the first video only after years of study, when he worked
a few items and picked up strength.

He enjoys dancing on the pole and Natalia Bardo. The ability
to dance on the pole took the actress to perform in a strip club. It
there takes place the action Comedy “Night shift” is working
Director Marius
Weisberg, he is Natalia’s husband and the father of her son.