Star “Interns” Kazimir Liske crashed after falling from the window

Звезда «Интернов» Казимир Лиске разбился после падения из окна The actor died from multiple injuries. According to journalists, Kazimir Liske died on the operating table. Relatives and friends of the young man shocked by what happened. They can’t believe that the artist suddenly died.
Звезда «Интернов» Казимир Лиске разбился после падения из окна

Actor Kazimir Liske, known for its participation in performances of the Moscow theatre “Practice” and a cameo role in the TV series “Interns”, who tragically died. A young man died after falling from the fifth floor. It is reported that this happened on Monday morning.

According to journalists, Casimir was traumatized, incompatible with life. Doctors were unable to save the man and he died on the operating table, without regaining consciousness.

At the moment the causes of the death of the actor versed law enforcement officers. It is reported that they are interviewing relatives of the actor and the eyewitnesses of the incident. The check results will take a procedural decision.

Relatives and friends of Casimir liske, accept condolences. Friends and acquaintances of the actor is shocked by his death. Young and talented, he showed great promise. “Today was not the Casimir liske. It is impossible to believe, accept and understand… the Bright memory of…” – written by representatives of the Agency Sevensence on his official page in “Facebook”.

Звезда «Интернов» Казимир Лиске разбился после падения из окна

Colleagues of the deceased actor speak of him as an extremely positive person who had great talent.

“Oh My God! Darling, wonderful, amazing Kazimir Liske… How did this make?! Relatives and friends, sincere condolences and support!” – says the PR specialist Eugene Mansurov.

Owner anticafe “Ziferblat” Ivan Mitin said that haven’t had a chance to meet the artist.”Three times was supposed to meet with Kazimir Liske, last month, was waiting for him at the cottage to put on a show… Very sad. Always felt we could be friends. My sincere condolences to the friends and family,” shared the entrepreneur in social networks.

In memory of the crashed actor, theatre critic Pavel Rudnev has shared a snippet of an interview with Casimir liske, which he gave on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the School-Studio MXAT. A fragment of conversation with the artist appeared in the album, which was prepared especially for this anniversary.

“Our training was very serious and dramatic, we are faced with some very important issues so early that I think it made us adults. At the end of my first year I killed Fima Roshchupkin, and Themes Primenko was not in the middle of the third course. These two events have changed us. The same does not happen! So young! It made us different, changed our Outlook on life, not always for the better”, – these words Casimir remembered the years spent at the Institute.

Add that Kazimir Liske was married to actress Polina Grishina. The couple raised a nice son, who was named Oliver. Kazimir was born and raised in America, so the information about his death would transmit to the U.S. Embassy. Doctors two hours fought for the life of an actor, but to save her failed, according to