Звезда «Деффчонок» комплексует из-за неустроенной личной жизни Polina Maksimova is recognized that it is not meet men. The actress, who starred in the sitcom “Deffchonki”, considers himself a strong personality. The brightness and charisma of the stars repels members of the opposite sex.

      Звезда «Деффчонок» комплексует из-за неустроенной личной жизни

      Viewers of TNT remember the actress Polina Maksimova on the role of a frivolous girl Lelia in the TV series “Deffchonki”, which easily turns the heads of many men. Meanwhile, in the life of the artist does not like her onscreen character. Her views on life differ significantly from the Outlook of Lely.

      In recognition of Pauline, she is a serious person and a strong personality. That’s why the stars are not very good relations with the opposite sex. The brightness and charisma of the actress may deter men who think that a girl will certainly deny them communion. In the end, Dating in life Maximova happen very rarely.

      “I need a man who would pick me up by the collar took. It needs to be strong in spirit, because I am very strong, I was always very much I suppress myself. People sometimes ask me: you must have attention bulk, rich uncle, propositions? In fact to me nobody meets that’s my complex,” admitted Pauline.

      Star Devchonok” admits that now her heart is free. Famous actress wants to meet their soul mate. However, it is not rushing things and believes that everything has its time. However, despite its popularity, the artist is not easy to find someone with whom she could spend the rest of my life. It turns out that love really change Pauline, and her behavior eventually scares her. What to do with it, Maksimova does not know yet.

      “I’m starting to make gifts, to wash, to clean. I forget myself completely. And I hate myself in such a state, as an absolute autist. I think love destroys me. I love to fall in love, I like to meet, to dress up, do not sleep, chat… in the meantime, the text does not learn, because my mind is not just butterflies, but pterodactyls” – said Maximov in an interview, “Peopletalk”.

      Star Devchonok” Polina Maksimova takes the example of a mother

      It is noteworthy that the chief mentor and Advisor for Polina is her mother. 49-year-old actress Svetlana Maksimova looks as fresh and bright as her daughter. However, she has invaluable experience in the profession, which conveys his successor. Mother and daughter live in different parts of the capital. However, they are often seen and are selected together at different social events.

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