Star Detectives Alexey Nasonova interrogated by the FSB

Звезду «Детективов» Алексея Насонова допросили сотрудники ФСБ Man suspected in illegal activities. As it became known to journalists, at the end of last year Agency Alexey Nasonova, specializing in private investigation, was raided by the FSB. They held searches in the framework of the criminal case about violation of privacy.
Звезду «Детективов» Алексея Насонова допросили сотрудники ФСБ

In mass media appeared information about the fact, 50-year-old actor of the TV series “the Detectives” Alexey Nasonov was detained by the FSB. About it journalists were reported by the informed source. According to the interlocutor of the correspondent, Nasonova suspected illegal activities – violation of the inviolability of private life.

The interrogation of Alexey on December 30, after employees of the Department “M” FSB conducted a search in his detective Agency. Events were held in the framework of the criminal case about violation of privacy. Later, the actor was released. According to representatives of special services, Nasonov and his staff gave to customers prohibited information, including details of telephone conversations by third parties.

Звезду «Детективов» Алексея Насонова допросили сотрудники ФСБ

According to a source familiar with the situation, in the Wake of the success of the series “Detectives”, which showed from 2006 to 2018, Alexei began to receive letters from fans. Viewers asked the man to hold the investigation of a complicated case. Some have suggested Nasonov very decent fees. As a result, he decided to engage in private investigation and has opened in Moscow by detective Agency. At the end of last year the work of Alexei interested in the FSB.

The source publication added that Nasonov was not the only investigator decided to test intelligence. According to him, since the fall of 2017 operational events took place “in a number of agencies and in the offices of private detectives”. The source noted that the FSB is interested in the suspects access to classified information, including data obtained from the customs authorities.

Звезду «Детективов» Алексея Насонова допросили сотрудники ФСБ

On account of Alexey Nasonova are only two roles, and both the main – series “Detectives” and “You are not alone”. The man, who was a police major, accidentally became an actor. One day he joined the unit as Director a complaint against the local bullies and drug addicts. Alex began to help the artist, and soon they started a conversation. After some time, Nasonova called to the casting. It turned out that the project “Detectives” sought not the artist, and a real law enforcement officer.

In an interview Nasonov admitted that it was hard for him to memorize large amounts of text. Preparation for filming male compared with sports. The first time Alex helped colleagues in the area – they wrote him notes with tips. Popularity has not turned Nasonov head. He said he plans to pursue a television career, because I’m used to do other things.

Currently deciding the fate Nasonova, reports “Rosbalt”.